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What is DORA? How to prepare your business for compliance

Designed to support the digital resiliency of financial institutions in the EU and UK, the Digital Operational Resilience Act is set to go in effect in January 2025. In this blog, we take a deep dive into what organizations must do in order to be compliant with this new legislation. Digital resiliency is one of the financial sector's most significant challenges today.

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How to Find and Fix API Vulnerabilities

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become an essential component of modern applications in the digital age. However, with the increasing reliance on APIs as more businesses digitize their operations, the need for API security is more undeniable than ever before. API security is imperative as it prevents unauthorized access to data, maintains the confidentiality of users’ information, and helps prevent malicious attacks that could lead to significant damage to your business.


Protect your IT assets through Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Managed vulnerability scanning is a cybersecurity service that uses software, vulnerability scanners, human-led and automated penetration testing, and other tools to help an organization identify, track, evaluate, and mitigate security risks both inside their network and connected external sources. Even organizations with the most sophisticated information technology security professionals are challenged when dealing with the hundreds of new threats released into the wild each month.


CVE-2023-2825 Vulnerability In GitLab Version 16.0.0 - Steps To Take

CVE-2023-2825 vulnerability is a recently discovered vulnerability in GitLab. It allows unauthorized access to GitLab repositories to read arbitrary files. This post will discuss further details of the vulnerability, its location, discovery, and how the Astra scanner scans for it.


Snyk announces new Slack integration

We’re excited to announce a new Snyk app for Slack that provides notifications within the channels your teams rely on to address security issues in your code, open source dependencies, containers, and cloud infrastructure. Your developer teams get the notifications that matter the most, in their preferred collaboration platform, so they can act on them immediately.


What is Exposure Management in Cybersecurity?

Exposure management in cybersecurity is a set of processes that helps organizations view their entire attack surface and understand which areas in their IT infrastructure are most exposed to cyber threats. Organizations can then take the necessary steps to reduce their cyber risk exposure through risk mitigation and risk remediation steps. Exposure management goes hand in hand with attack surface management (ASM) and threat and vulnerability intelligence.


API7:2019 Security Misconfiguration: The What, Sample Exploits, and Prevention Methods

Security misconfigurations are very common security risks, not just in web applications but also in APIs. They have been consistently part of the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Vulnerabilities. They were part of the original OWASP Top 10 API Security Risks published in 2019 and have now made it to the updated 2023 list. Security misconfiguration maintains its 7th rank in OWASP Top 10 API 2023RC owing to its widespread prevalence, easy exploitability, and easy detectability.

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CVE-2023-33009 and CVE-2023-33010: Multiple Critical Unauthenticated RCE Vulnerabilities in Zyxel Firewalls

On Wednesday, the 24th of May, 2023, Zyxel released a security advisory for several vulnerabilities capable of granting unauthenticated remote code execution (RCE) in their line of Firewall and VPN products, tracked as CVE-2023-33009 and CVE-2023-33010. These buffer overflow vulnerabilities are also capable of inducing denial of service conditions.