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Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches Cited as the Number One Business Risk for Organizations

Even when looking at the various kinds of risks to business, cyber attacks still remain the biggest problem. But new data shows there may be a lesson to be learned to minimize losses. Aon’s Global Risk Management Survey, nearly 3,000 organizations across 61 countries were asked about sources of business risk. In the report, “Cyber Attack/Data Breach” was the #1 current risk and #1 future risk seen by organizations.


How to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks?

Are you aware of the increasing threat of SQL injection vulnerabilities?In Q4 2022, AppTrana stopped 1,111,548 of these attacks. With over a million SQL injection attacks blocked in just three months, it’s clear that web applications are under siege. How to stay ahead of the game and protect your business now? Here is a guide to understanding this OWASP top 10 vulnerability and how to prevent SQL injection attacks.


From Clicks to Chaos: The Rise of Crowd-Sourced Cyber Attacks

This week, the threat actor group Anonymous Global (AnonGlobal) has introduced a new website designed for user engagement in attacks directed at Israel. Despite the site’s current inaccessibility, the group already claims already facilitated attacks resulting in the takedown of three Israeli websites. This innovative approach marks a departure from traditional threat actor tactics, aiming to involve ordinary individuals in their attacks.


The Pool Party You Will Never Forget: New Process Injection Techniques Using Windows Thread Pools

During a cyber attack, malicious actors often breach an organization’s perimeter security with tactics like vulnerability exploitation and phishing. Once inside, they attempt to navigate the organization’s network to escalate their privileges and steal or encrypt data—but here they often face sophisticated endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems designed to identify and prevent this type of activity.


What Are Identity-Based Attacks?

An identity-based attack is a type of cyber attack that targets and compromises the digital identity of individuals and organizations. In this type of attack, a cybercriminal tries to steal, alter and misuse an individual’s identity-related information such as their login credentials, domain names, personal data or digital certificates.


Iran-Linked Attack on U.S. Water Treatment Station

On November 25, the U.S. municipal water authority in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania confirmed that one of its booster stations had suffered an attack by a threat actor group that supports Iranian geopolitical interests. The attack by a cyber group known as CyberAv3ngers compromised a programmable logic controller (PLC) for a water pressure monitoring and regulation system. Officials, however, have made it clear that the incident did not threaten local drinking water or water supplies.


New York Healthcare Provider Notified 600k Following Network Cyberattack

East River Medical Imaging (ERMI) has three locations in New York City and Westchester County. ERMI is a “multi-modality radiology center,” including patient-centered solutions like MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds, imaging, radiology, fluoroscopy, and x-rays. They have served New York since 1970 and have a long history of high-quality patient care. At the end of August, an unauthorized actor accessed their network—exposing sensitive information from employees and patients.


Supply-chain ransomware attack causes outages at over 60 credit unions

Over sixty credit unions across the United States have been taken offline following a ransomware attack at one of their technology providers - demonstrating once again the damage that can be caused by a supply-chain attack. There are a few moving parts here, so here’s a quick summary: Trellance - A provider of solutions and services used by credit unions, and the parent company of FedComp. FedComp - a provider of software and services that enable credit unions to operate around the world.


Trustwave's Observations on the Recent Cyberattack on Aliquippa Water Treatment Plant

The attack last week on the Municipal Water Authority in Aliquippa, Penn., that gave threat actors access to a portion of the facility’s pumping equipment has spurred the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)and WaterISAC to each issue incident reports and raised multiple questions regarding the site’s security and potential danger to similar plants.