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LastPass Warns of Deepfake Phishing Attempt

LastPass has warned that one of its employees was targeted by a social engineering attack that used an audio deepfake that impersonated the company’s CEO. Fortunately, the employee grew suspicious and avoided falling for the attack. Mike Kosak, Senior Principal Intelligence Analyst at LastPass, explained in a blog post, “In our case, an employee received a series of calls, texts, and at least one voicemail featuring an audio deepfake from a threat actor impersonating our CEO via WhatsApp.

The Growing Challenge of Fraud in Neobanking: Strategies for Protection (2024 Guide)

Neobanks, which operate exclusively online without traditional physical branch networks, are facing an increasingly challenging landscape due to a significant rise in fraud cases. In recent years, financial institutions have reported a marked increase in fraudulent activities, with the average cost of fraud for institutions with assets over $5 billion rising by 65% from $2.3 million in 2022 to $3.8 million in 2023.

Employee Account Takeover Vs. Customer Account Takeover

Account takeover (ATO) fraud poses a serious and personal threat, especially when it compromises something as critical as your bank account. Imagine the shock and helplessness of discovering you’re suddenly barred from accessing your own financial resources. This violation isn’t just about unauthorized transactions or financial losses; it’s a profound breach of your privacy.

Top Tax Scams of 2024 Your Organization Should Watch Out For

As the April 15, 2024 filing deadline approaches, tax scammers are working overtime to take advantage of rushed or stressed taxpayers. This tax season, scammers have adopted more sophisticated techniques - particularly leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to disguise their schemes. However, remaining vigilant and taking some simple precautions can help you avoid becoming a victim.

Massive China-Linked ID Theft Phishing Campaign Hits Asian Finance Industry

The complex geopolitical landscape in Southeast Asia, influenced by People’s republic of China (PRC)’s strategic interests and territorial disputes, faces a prominent offensive threat from Chinese cyber operations. Southeast Asia’s economic and digital growth make it a prime target for cyber threats. In the past 8 months Cyberint has been able to identify a major large-scale campaign.

How To Prevent SIM Swap Fraud: 7 Tips to Prevent SIM Swapping

Today, consumers can shop, sell, research, and work using their smartphones. Advancements in technology have made it possible for users to complete countless transactions through their phones anywhere and anytime. One of the most common phone scams targeting modern consumers is subscriber identity module (SIM) swapping. This short guide will outline the dangers of this subtle attack on devices and how consumers can protect themselves.

Foresiet Threat Research Alert: Caution! Cybercriminals Posing as NordVPN Infect Millions through Google and Bing Ads!

Google has historically served as a prominent platform for such malicious advertisements. However, Bing is now increasingly susceptible to becoming a target due to its tight integration with the Windows ecosystem and the Edge browser. Bing searches are being manipulated to redirect users to a counterfeit website closely resembling the legitimate NordVPN site. To further deceive users, the threat actors attempted to digitally sign a malicious installer and hosted it on Dropbox.

What is Bait and Switch Scams: How it Works and How to Avoid It

Ever follow an ad featuring limited-time products to a company’s web page only to find they’re selling something else entirely? Or have you added a product to a cart only to discover a laundry list of issues, from poor quality to endless fees? Bait and switch (also called “bait-and-switch” or “B&S”) is a classification of fraudulent activities that most recognize as false advertising.

Navigating the Deepfake Landscape: Understanding, Detecting, and Preventing Deception

Artificial intelligence (AI) is swiftly reshaping our reality, sparking innovation across diverse domains. Yet, amid this advancement lies a pressing issue: deepfakes. These ultra-authentic synthetic media pieces can alter videos or audio to fabricate instances where individuals seem to say or do things they never actually did.