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Cloudflare Equips Organisations with the Zero Trust Security They Need to Safely Use Generative AI

Now companies can give their teams the productivity and innovation of emerging generative AI - while reducing risk with built-in security and governance controls over the flow of data.

A complete suite of Zero Trust security tools to help get the most from AI

Cloudflare One gives teams of any size the ability to safely use the best tools on the Internet without management headaches or performance challenges. We’re excited to announce Cloudflare One for AI, a new collection of features that help your team build with the latest AI services while still maintaining a Zero Trust security posture.

SASE For Different Verticals

When exploring a revolutionary architecture like SASE, it helps to have specific, relatable examples. SASE overlaps both networking and security spaces, sometimes making it difficult to see the whole picture. In this new eBook, we explore what SASE looks like for 5 different industry verticals: Retail & Hospitality, Manufacturing, Credit Unions, Health & Pharmaceuticals and Technology. Many of the benefits of SASE can provide value to any organization, so even if your specific vertical isn't covered, you should take a look!

SASE vs. the Upside Down World of Networking and Security

Before SASE, network and network security services were delivered through multiple point solutions, including legacy appliances. These legacy appliances operated in silos and required countless IT resources and attention to deploy, manage, maintain, and replace. Today, some enterprises are still trapped using these legacy appliances, despite their shortcomings. In the parallel, modern world, SASE offers a single cloud-native network and security service for all networking and security needs.
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Q&A Chat with Eyal Webber-Zvik on Cato RBI

Today Cato Networks announced the addition of the Cato RBI to our Cato SASE Cloud platform. It is an exciting day for us and for our customers. Why? Because Cato’s cloud-native, security stack just got better, and without any added complexity. I sat down with Eyal Webber-Zvik, Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Cato Networks, and asked him to provide his perspective on what is Cato RBI and what this means for Cato’s customers.

Waseda University Enables Universal Secure Remote Learning and Digital Transformation with Cato

“I see Cato SASE as a tool for digital transformation promotion. We can use it to reorganize our entire security portfolio, reduce costs, and bring out the best in our students, professors, and administrators. Being able to work productively and securely anywhere gives a great boost to all our digital transformation initiatives.” - Hitoshi Kusunoki, Information Planning Department, Waseda University

What is SASE? #shorts

Cato Networks provides the world’s first converged SD-WAN and network security cloud platform built for digital business transformation. Cato connects all data centers, branches, mobile users, and cloud resources into a secure, global network uniquely powered by the scalability, self-service, and agility of the cloud. Cato empowers you to connect, secure, and run the network yourself, and supports you with expert-managed services if you need them.

Is SASE a Logical Step in Your NaaS Plans?

The last decade has seen a notable step in the evolution of network security and operations as companies move to a Software Defined Network (SDN) model, centralising control of switches, routers, VPN concentrators, load balancers and SD-WAN devices. This simplifies the management and operation of the network, driving down operational costs and reducing risk through better patch and update management.