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Top 5 Most Commonly Used IoT Protocols and Their Security Issues

What happens when devices meant to make your life easier become tools for intrusion? Your smart TV could become a surveillance device, your fitness tracker could leak your health data, and your connected car could be remotely hijacked. In the world of IoT vulnerabilities, the technology designed to serve you could turn against you. The Internet of Things promises convenience and connectivity. The risks of cyberattacks targeting these devices are growing exponentially.

Combating the DDoS IoT Threat: Strategies to Protect Your Connected Devices

In the realm of IoT, DDoS attacks are not just a threat but a harsh reality. This article cuts through the complexity of DDoS IoT threats, offering a clear understanding of how IoT devices are hijacked for DDoS attacks and presenting actionable strategies to protect these devices. From recognising vulnerabilities to implementing robust defences, we provide the insights you need to secure your network against the dire consequences of DDoS attacks.

Understanding Privilege Access Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Why is Privilege Access Management the linchpin of your cybersecurity strategy? Our guide delivers compelling insights into PAM—what it is, why it matters, and how the right privilege access management tactics fortify your defences against data breaches and compliance violations while securing sensitive data and critical systems.

Mastering Identity and Access Management Policies: A Comprehensive Guide

How can your business develop and maintain identity and access management policies that safeguard your digital assets while providing appropriate access levels? In this guide, we explore the key elements of IAM policies, their critical role in organisational security, and offer actionable insights for crafting policies that align with both business needs and regulatory demands.

Maximising Security: A Complete Guide to IAM Zero Trust Principles

In a security landscape that no longer tolerates assumptions of trust, IAM Zero Trust offers a stringent approach to protect your network. Discover how to apply ‘never trust, always verify’ effectively in our comprehensive look at IAM Zero Trust principles.

Elevating IoT Security: Brivo's Advanced Protocols & Firmware

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping how we interact with our environment, making it more connected and intelligent. At Brivo, we're at the forefront of this revolution, ensuring the security of IoT products is never compromised. Dive into our latest video where John Szczygiel, a visionary in IoT security, unveils the updated protocols and firmware that are setting new standards for IoT safety. Discover how Brivo's commitment to product security is creating a safer IoT ecosystem for everyone.

Device Authority Appoints Former Google and Vodafone Product Manager To Drive Its Product Led Growth Strategy

Device Authority, an award-winning and recognized global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Enterprise IoT ecosystems has appointed Richard Seward as Vice President of Product Management to drive forward the company’s growing portfolio of innovative products under its KeyScaler platform.

Secure Your IoT: Mastering Conscious Interaction with John Szczygiel

Dive deep into the world of IoT security with John Szczygiel as we explore the critical importance of conscious interaction between hosts and panels. In today's digital age, ensuring the safety of your IoT devices is not just a necessity; it's a responsibility. Join us at Brivo as we uncover the secrets to maintaining robust security protocols and learn how to protect your smart spaces from potential threats. Don't miss out on this insightful journey into the heart of IoT security. Remember, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to safeguarding your digital world. 🚀🔒

The Surveillance Invasion: IoT and Smart Devices Stealing Corporate Secrets

In an age where manufacturers have decided that just about every device needs to be “smart,” it’s becoming difficult to avoid the data collection and privacy invasion that are often baked into these devices. We have come to expect that smart phones and speakers with built-in digital assistants are always listening, and data collection practices between companies can vary significantly.

UK PSTI Act is a milestone for IoT security and passwords

The growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is reshaping our digital landscape. From smart thermostats to industrial sensors to IP cameras to smart toilets, these devices drive efficiency through innovation. But they aren’t secure by nature. A new UK law aims to make IoT products much more secure. On April 29, the UK’s Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Act became official and is now enforcing compliance across IoT assets.