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The Road to Resilience: Establishing a Minimum Viable Business through Rubrik Security Cloud

In the fast-paced and interconnected world of business, the continuity of operations after a cyber attack is paramount. Many companies today are embracing the concepts of Minimum Viable Business/Company (MVB/C) as a key strategy in ensuring that their core business applications and processes are able to survive in the face of adversity.

SocGholish Malware Exploits BOINC Project for Covert Cyberattacks

The SocGholish malware, also known as FakeUpdates, has resurfaced with new tactics that leverage the BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network Computing Client) platform for nefarious purposes. This sophisticated JavaScript downloader malware is now delivering a remote access trojan, AsyncRAT, and utilizing BOINC in a covert cyberattack campaign. This blog will delve into the specifics of this exploit, the implications for cybersecurity, and measures to mitigate the risks.

New Linux Variant of Play Ransomware Targeting VMware ESXi Systems

In a recent development, cybersecurity researchers have identified a new Linux variant of the notorious Play ransomware, also known as Balloonfly and PlayCrypt. This variant specifically targets VMware ESXi environments, signaling a strategic expansion by the threat actors behind it. Trend Micro's report published on Friday highlights the potential for a broader victim pool and more effective ransom negotiations as a result of this evolution.

Top 5 Stealer Logs Currently Affecting Users in 2024

In today's digital landscape, stealer logs have become a significant threat, targeting sensitive information and compromising security. At Foresiet Threat Intelligence Team, we continuously monitor and analyze these threats to help protect individuals and organizations. Here are the top 5 stealer logs currently affecting users.

CrowdStrike & Rubrik Customer Content Update Recovery For Windows Hosts

Joint customers utilizing Rubrik for immutable backup are recommended to utilize Rubrik in-place recoveries for impacted Windows VMware Virtual Machines (VMs), standard VM restores for Azure VMs, AWS EC2 instances, and live mounts for Hyper-V and AHV VMs. For VMware VMs this significantly reduces the recovery time by only recovering the changed blocks required to revert the VM to a snapshot before the 04:09 UTC CrowdStrike host update.

78% of Organizations Are Targets of Ransomware Attacks Two or More Times in Twelve Months

New data puts the spotlight on the frequency and impact of modern ransomware attacks, highlighting the overconfidence organizations are showing in their ability to defend and respond to attacks. If you’re like one of the organizations surveyed in Halcyon’s latest Ransomware CISO Survey report, the findings were quite eye opening.

Change Healthcare Ransomware Attack May Cost Nearly $2.5 Billion

The ransomware attack against UnitedHealth Group’s Change Healthcare platform is expected to cost the company up to $2.45 billion, more than a billion dollars more than was previously estimated, Cybersecurity Dive reports. The incident has already cost the firm nearly $2 billion.

Analyzing ViperSoftX: The Use of CLR and AutoIt for Stealthy Malware Operations

The ViperSoftX info-stealing malware has evolved, now utilizing the common language runtime (CLR) to covertly execute PowerShell commands within AutoIt scripts. This sophisticated approach allows ViperSoftX to bypass traditional security measures and remain undetected, posing a significant threat to cybersecurity. Leveraging CLR and AutoIt for Stealth Operations CLR, a core component of Microsoft’s.NET Framework, functions as the execution engine for.NET applications.