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Penetration Testing

Advanced Vulnerability Assessments: Beyond Penetration Testing

Sensitive information must be protected from constantly evolving cyber threats in the digital age. For companies of all sizes, this is an imperative and not just a desirable objective. A sound, proactive approach to cybersecurity involves "stress-testing" an organization's defenses to see where they can be penetrated-by whom, and using what techniques.

Why penetration testing needs to be part of your IoT security

IoT devices are ubiquitous in our daily lives—whether it’s at home with connected home automation devices, or at work with connected factories, hospitals, and even connected cars. According to data-gathering and visualization firm Statista, there was an estimated 15.9 billion IoT devices in use in 2023, and that number is expected to climb to more than 32.1 billion in 2030.

Everything You Need to Know About Penetration Testing (Pentest)

Penetration Testing in cyber security is a vital process that aids in evaluating an application’s security through hacker-style exploitation to expose and assess security risks. Security risks can be present in various areas such as system configuration settings, and, login methods.

Explore our guide to AWS S3 Bucket Penetration Testing

Amazon S3 buckets have become a cornerstone of cloud storage for businesses worldwide. AWS services, including S3, are integral to cloud storage and security. Their scalability and cost-effectiveness make them attractive, but this popularity comes with heightened security risks.

OWASP Penetration Testing: Methodology, Kit, Checklist (Downloadable)

Software security is key to the online world’s survival. Collaborative efforts of cybersecurity professionals and volunteers have come together to create the OWASP web security testing guide. Malicious actors constantly threaten web applications, the backbone of many businesses. OWASP penetration testing is crucial for identifying and addressing these security vulnerabilities.

DAST Vs. Penetration Testing: Comprehensive Guide to Application Security Testing

For two decades or so now, web applications have been the backbone of many businesses, making their security paramount. Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and penetration testing are crucial for identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities in web application security. While both aim to enhance application security, they differ significantly in their approach, execution, and outcomes.

The Importance of AI Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, often known as "pen testing," plays a pivotal role in assessing the security posture of any digital environment. It's a simulated cyber attack where security teams utilise a series of attack techniques to identify and exploit vulnerabilities within systems, applications, and an organisation’s infrastructure. This form of testing is crucial because it evaluates the effectiveness of the organisation's defensive mechanisms against unauthorized access and malicious actors.