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May 31, 2023   |  By Nivedita James
The AWS cloud platform is one of the most used cloud platforms in the world. It gives companies a level of flexibility with its myriad of uses but it is not without its own challenges, namely, maintaining security.
May 30, 2023   |  By Nivedita James
CVE-2023-2825 vulnerability is a recently discovered vulnerability in GitLab. It allows unauthorized access to GitLab repositories to read arbitrary files. This post will discuss further details of the vulnerability, its location, discovery, and how the Astra scanner scans for it.
May 29, 2023   |  By Nivedita James
In 2021, unauthorized access was responsible for 43% of data breaches. Among the data breaches that did not involve an error, misuse of privilege, or physical action, 62% were a result of stolen credentials. This Blog Includes show Password Security Statistics Password Reuse Statistics Password Sharing Statistics Password Management Statistics Password Breach Statistics What is a strong password? Conclusion FAQs How can a password be stolen? What should I do if my password manager is hacked?
May 26, 2023   |  By Nivedita James
Being one of the world’s largest cloud platforms comes with its own set of challenges. In the case of AWS, the major challenge is maintaining their platform’s security.
May 25, 2023   |  By Nivedita James
Companies nowadays deal with vast amounts of data that are sensitive and to be protected at all times. While measures are adopted by them to ensure the safety of their applications and data, it is prudent to regularly test the efficacy of the adopted security measures.
May 18, 2023   |  By Nivedita James
AWS vulnerability management is the continuous process of identifying and managing vulnerabilities within your organization’s AWS environment. Vulnerability management in AWS also includes reporting and remediation of detected security risks and is a vital practice in good AWS security management.
May 16, 2023   |  By Nivedita James
Security automation refers to the process of automatic detection, inspecting, and remediation of cyber threats. This can be done with or without the aid of humans by using specific applications built for the purpose. This minimally human-assisted process is used for integrating security flows, applications, and organizational infrastructure. This Blog Includes show Why Is IT Security Automation Important?
May 11, 2023   |  By Nivedita James
The advent of technology and its latest innovations has come with its own challenges in the form of cyber attacks, and data theft, and protecting themselves from them is a task for most organizations and if not done properly, can leave the organizations vulnerable. This Blog Includes show What is NIST cybersecurity framework? All About NIST Why Is NIST Important? Make your Website / Web Application the safest place on the Internet.
May 8, 2023   |  By Nivedita James
560,000 new pieces of malware are detected daily and over 1 billion malware programs exist currently. The first half of 2022 alone saw 236.7 million ransomware attacks globally with an average cost of $4.54 million per incident. This Blog Includes show Top Malware Attack Statistics Malware statistics 2023 How Many Malware Are Detected Every Day?
Apr 28, 2023   |  By Nivedita James
CVSS or Common Vulnerability Scoring System is a framework that numerically characterizes the severity of software vulnerabilities between the range of 0-10. CVSS scores help infosec organizations with vulnerability management and prioritization of vulnerabilities for efficient remediation.
Feb 13, 2023   |  By Astra
We've brought security to your workplace Astra users can now manage their security within Slack 🥳 You can stay on top with alerts about the target, manage vulnerabilities and collaborate with Astra's security experts - right within Slack
Jan 30, 2023   |  By Astra
2022 was awesome for us at Astra Security 🚀 We hit new milestones, improved security & saved millions in potential loss for our users, launched tonnes of new features and had a lot of fun doing it all! A big "THANK YOU" to our team, customers & everyone who has supported us throughout 🙏
Feb 4, 2022   |  By Astra
Directory Traversal might not be considered as a high-impact vulnerability but it can be a stepping stone to information leak and shell upload vulnerability. The lack of directory traversal security can allow an attacker to manipulate the file path to gain unauthorized access to different files in the directory. You need penetration testing to detect the directory traversal vulnerability. This video is a short explanation of how the file traversal vulnerability can be exploited, and how you can avoid it.
Feb 2, 2022   |  By Astra
Clickjacking is an interface-based attack where the hacker manipulates the CSS of a website to insert a malicious iframe, button, or link which hides behind a seemingly harmless button of link. It takes the user to a malicious page and triggers some unsolicited action on the user's behalf. A clickjacking attack may be used to trigger a malware download, loss of content, or money, among other things. You can detect it with the help of penetration testing.
Jan 27, 2022   |  By Astra
SQL injection is listed in both OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and top 25 vulnerabilities by SANS. An attacker can hijack your database, delete critical information, or create a persistent backdoor by exploiting an SQL injection. 😰 You need penetration testing to detect and fix this critical vulnerability. Astra Security presents a crisp exploration of SQL injections - how they occur, how they affect a user, different categories of SQLi vulnerabilities, and the way in which you can avoid them.
Jan 13, 2021   |  By Astra
Signalement is well renowned professional alert system & a whistleblowing platform based out of France. They have more than 100 private and public customers. Security is one of the major concerns as they store lot of sensitive & personal information. Astra team helped Signalement on the security front by performing detailed security audit & helping them to patch the vulnerabilities. Also, our firewall & malware scan ensures real time protection of the sites from any malware attack.
Dec 17, 2020   |  By Astra
Before you start reading the description, please log in to your WordPress Admin panel & update all the plugins. Contact Form 7 version 5.3.1 and below were found to be vulnerable to unrestricted file upload vulnerability. This issue has been reported by security researchers at Astra Security. By exploiting this vulnerability, attackers could simply upload files of any type, bypassing all restrictions placed regarding the allowed uploadable file types on a website.
Dec 15, 2020   |  By Astra
Overview of the Astra Security Suite.
Dec 4, 2020   |  By Astra
99.7% websites have atleast one vulnerability. Astra Security helps you find your website's weaknesses and patch them up before it hurts your business. ServerGuy is well renowned premium managed Magento, WordPress Hosting Platform, offering lightning-fast and scalable infrastructure.
Dec 2, 2020   |  By Astra
In this video, you will learn how to perform API Security Audit & to find vulnerabilities in them as hackers do. 👉 API security is nothing but securing the API endpoints from attackers.

Astra Security Suite makes security simple and hassle-free for thousands of websites & businesses worldwide.

Find and fix every single security loophole with our hacker-style pentest:

  • Test for 3000+ vulnerabilities: Including industry standard OWASP & SANS tests.
  • Shift DevOps to DevSecOps: Integrate security into your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Get ISO, SOC2, GDPR or HIPAA Compliant: Cover all the essential tests required for compliance.
  • Scan your critical APIs: Protect your business critical APIs from vulnerabilities.
  • Automated & manual pentest: We combine automated tools with manual, in-depth pentest to uncover all possible vulnerabilities.

Arm your website against every potential threat:

  • Rock-solid firewall and malware scanner: Protect your website in real time and uncover any malicious code.
  • Scan for vulnerabilities: Scan and protect your site from the most common vulnerabilities and malware.
  • Seal up vulnerabilities automatically: Astra’s firewall automatically virtually patches known exploits which can be patched by firewalls principally.
  • Perform daily malware scans: Get peace of mind and keep hackers at bay with Astra's daily malware scans.
  • Build custom security rules. With Astra’s security boosters, build custom security rules for your website using our no code builder.

Protect your business from all threats, with Astra's hassle-free security.