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Threat Detection


Threat hunting 101: Leveraging MITRE ATT&CK framework for extended threat detection

Threat detection and mitigation is one of the core responsibilities of a SOC. With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated, it has become arduous for security analysts to secure their network from threats. Hybrid work and BYOD policies are making it more difficult for SOCs to keep track of network activities. Attackers continue to improvise new tactics and techniques to compromise an organization’s network.

Learn about Corelight and Zeek with AI

Want to know how to get a commanding view of all devices that log onto your network? Let’s ask ChatGPT! Watch as Corelight's James Pope leverages his AI assistant to explain the power of Zeek®—the open-source technology behind Corelight’s network evidence—and the detailed logs of network activity it produces, including protocols such as HTTP, DNS, and SSL. In the video he also shares how Zeek®’s open standard easily integrates with Suricata, SecurityOnion, Molok, Elk, CrowdStrike EDR logs, and more.

Why Cyber Threat Detection and Response Is So Hard

Breakthrough innovation arises primarily in response to two conditions. One, when new technology emerges that creates new demand by fulfilling needs customers didn’t know they had. Think smartphones. A generation ago, people didn’t know they needed to be tethered to a phone the size of their palm that was also a camera, a bank, an encyclopedia and a shopping mall. Two, when new challenges arise that require innovation to address them.


Leveraging the Dark Side: How CrowdStrike Boosts Machine Learning Efficacy Against Adversaries

The power of the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform lies in its ability to detect and protect customers from new and unknown threats by leveraging the power of the cloud and expertly built machine learning (ML) models. In real-world conditions and in independent third-party evaluations, Falcon’s on-sensor and cloud ML capabilities consistently achieve excellent results across Windows, Linux and macOS platforms.


Zenity Helps Microsoft Identify and Remediate Critical Security Risk in Power Automate Desktop

About seven months ago at Defcon, Zenity CTO Michael Bargury presented security research that discovered and outlined a way to take over Microsoft Power Automate enabling bad actors to send ransomware to connected machines by using Power Automate as it was designed. By simply taking over an endpoint, our research showed that attackers can run their own payloads and execute malware by assigning machines to a new administrative account using a basic command line.

Securing Cloud, Containers, and Kubernetes

Sysdig's Cloud Protection and Response platform bridges the gap between the cloud tenant, the Kubernetes workloads that run in that cloud provider, as well as the processes that are actually executed within containers running in Kubernetes. In this video, Sysdig Senior Technical Marketing Manager takes us through the platform and the best practices to secure your environment!

New Sliver C2 Detection Released - Redteam detected

We are excited to announce the release of a new detection package “Sliver”, which identifies and raises alerts related to the Sliver C2 framework. This new package joins our industrial-strength C2 Collection and uses a variety of techniques to detect Sliver, above and beyond our HTTP-C2 package’s existing Sliver coverage. In this blog we provide some basics about Sliver and how it works and then dive deep into the techniques we use to detect this popular and powerful tool.