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Insider Threats

The latest News and Information on Insider Threats including employee monitoring and data privacy.


Ekran System's Cyber Essentials Certification: Enhanced Software & Supply Chain Security

At Ekran System, we take our security and the protection of our partners and customers seriously. Our commitment to delivering the best insider risk management services motivated us to align our own security posture to the current Cyber Essentials standards. We are proud to announce that we have obtained the certification!


Using the Principle of Least Privilege to Protect Your Data: Key Benefits and Implementation Tips

Excessive access rights increase the risk of cybersecurity incidents. Implementing the principle of least privilege (POPL) can help you significantly limit the attack surface and protect your organization from the financial and reputational losses that may follow a cybersecurity breach. This article aims to reveal the importance of POLP and equip you with the best practices for its effective implementation.


How to Manage the Rise of Insider Threats

Modern businesses are constantly adapting to external cyber threats, investing heavily in firewalls, antivirus software, and other defensive measures. However, a growing concern that often flies under the radar is the rise of insider threats. These threats emanate from within an organization, posing a significant risk to sensitive data, intellectual property, and the overall security posture.


7 Biggest Challenges for CIOs and How to Deal With Them

The role of сhief information officers (CIOs) has transformed over the years, extending beyond traditional technical responsibilities. Currently, CIOs are facing numerous issues, such as heavily distributed workforce, economic hurdles, and adopting cutting-edge technologies. In this article, we’ll cover these and more challenges facing CIOs today as well as measures you can take to navigate them.


Insider Risk Management Fundamentals: 10 Best Security Practices for Implementation

Insider-driven security incidents are increasing in frequency. According to the 2022 Cost of Insider Threats Global Report by the Ponemon Institute, 67% of companies experienced between 21 and 40 incidents in 2022, which is 7% more than in 2020. Insiders with authorized access can fall victim to hackers’ attacks due to negligence or can deliberately compromise and severely damage the organization’s data and systems.


5 Reasons to Implement Zero Trust & 5 Steps to Get You Started

The zero trust security approach has gained traction for its effectiveness in improving organizations’ resilience against emerging cyber threats. In this article, we outline five up-to-date statistical facts which make the case for zero trust. You will also learn five simple steps to start implementing zero trust architecture without major investments.


Insider Risk Management for Your Cloud Infrastructure: Why Do You Need an IRM Program?

Organizations use more and more cloud services these days to improve business efficiency and achieve working flexibility for remote employees. However, keeping up with reliable cybersecurity measures in such a cloud-dependent world becomes challenging. And one of the reasons for that is the increase in insider risk. In this article, we explore the major insider risks in cloud infrastructure and discuss the importance of IRM program for cloud security.


Insider Threats in Cybersecurity

When you think about security, it's usually from external factors. We lock the doors to our homes and businesses, when we go to the gym our belongings are kept safe in locked lockers from theft, and our computers and phones have security measures in place to keep people out. Our focus is on external threats but the biggest danger can come from within — insider threats. Consider the classic thriller When a Stranger Calls.


Ekran System Partners with Hideez to Introduce Enhanced Authentication Functionality

Ekran System is partnering with Hideez to enhance the authentication process and improve user experience. As an alternative to two-factor authentication, our customers can now use a straightforward passwordless authentication method developed by Hideez. Thanks to this integration, you can streamline and consolidate logins for local desktops, remote desktop connections, virtual environments, and cloud infrastructures, while boosting your team’s efficiency and satisfaction.


Third-Party Security Risks: How to Mitigate Potential Cybersecurity Threats

Cooperation is the key to success, so working with third parties helps your organization increase efficiency, offer better products and services, employ highly qualified experts, and cut costs. But all these benefits come at the price of additional cybersecurity risks. Minor flaws in your third-party vendor’s security and privacy routines may lead to a breach in your organization’s cybersecurity.