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Ultimate Security Checklist to Launch a Mobile App in Bahrain - iOS & Android

Launching a mobile app in Bahrain, whether for iOS or Android, requires careful consideration of security measures. According to the World Bank, mobile phone penetration in Bahrain reached 131% of the population in 2021. This indicates that there were more mobile phone subscriptions than the total population, suggesting that many individuals in Bahrain own multiple mobile devices or have multiple subscriptions.


Enhancing Mobile Device Security: Applying the NIS2 Directive

Mobile devices have become indispensable in our modern lives, enabling us to stay connected, access information, and conduct transactions on the go. However, the rise of mobile usage for accessing corporate information is attracting the increased attention of cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Verizon Sends New Smishing Warning

Verizon has renewed its warnings to customers about the threat of smishing, a social engineering approach that relies upon texts as opposed to other communication channels like the email used in phishing. The smishing problem may be smaller than the phishing problem, or the robocall nuisance, but it represents a comparable threat that organizations should address in their risk management process.


Key Insights Into Gartner Report: How to Select DevSecOps Tools for Secure Software Delivery

With the advent of complex technology ecosystems like agile development processes, cloud-native platforms, and the rising use of open-source software, the importance of continuous Security and compliance has increased more than ever. As a result, leaders in the software industry must advise their teams to incorporate developer-friendly security tools into their DevSecOps pipelines.


Log4j Vulnerability and the Importance of SBOM in Software Supply Chain Security

The Apache Log4j vulnerability has been making global headlines since it became public on 9th December 2021. The report stated that the vulnerability affects Apache log4j between versions 2.0 and 2.14.1 and is independent of the underlying JDK version. It was a full-blown security meltdown that resulted in hackers performing remote code executions and affected digital systems across the globe. In response, Apache implemented patch fixes, but some components remained unattended.


Mobile App Threat Modeling and Security Testing

As technology progresses and mobile devices become ubiquitous, a remarkably large number of people worldwide are now using smartphones. In fact, current estimates show that 6.8 billion users rely on their phones for an array of activities; but most significantly – 88% is dedicated to app usage! While the above stats show that the mobile app industry is thriving, it's also a matter of concern. Why?


Securing Your Mobile Apps: Learnings from Google's Fight Against Bad Apps

Mobile app security is a critical aspect of any digital infrastructure. With our increasing need and reliance on smartphones as both communication and entertainment devices, mobile apps have become magnets for malicious actors. As such, companies like Google and Apple are implementing stringent measures to protect their app stores.


FIPS 140-2 Encryption for Mobile App Security

Data security is crucial to creating mobile apps, and businesses that create or handle sensitive data must adhere to the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). Data is encrypted before it leaves the mobile device and is decoded in a safe environment thanks to the FIPS 140-2 encryption standard. In this article, we will take a look at the standards and best practices for FIPS 140-2 encryption compliance, covering the fundamentals of ensuring a safe mobile app.


Ultimate Security Checklist to Launch a Mobile App in South America - iOS & Android

With mobile phones accounting for over 60% of website traffic in 2022, launching a mobile app in South America will be an astute decision. The future lies with smartphones and tablets, making it essential to move beyond traditional desktop solutions. But, did you know- In the first half of 2022, 10,666 ransomware signatures were found in Latin America, as against 5,400 in the last half of 2021.


Five worthy reads: Shielding mobile applications from cyberattackers

Five worthy reads is a regular column on five noteworthy items we’ve discovered while researching trending and timeless topics. This week, we are exploring mobile malware attacks, how they have exploited users, and the ways to prevent them in the digital era. Design Credits: Dhanwant When was the last time you took a handwritten list to the grocery store instead of saving a list as a note or voice message on WhatsApp? Mobile phones have gone through a crazy evolution.