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Keeper 101 - How to Create Your Keeper Account on iOS

Signing up for Keeper's iOS mobile app is easy. Simply visit the App Store on your device, search for Keeper, and install “Keeper Password Manager”. Once the download is complete, tap Open to launch Keeper. Tap Create Account to get started. Enter your email address and tap Next. You will be prompted to set and confirm a master password. Don’t forget your master password! Since this password will unlock all of your other passwords in your Keeper Vault, it is critical that you set a strong master password using upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Why MobSF Isn't Ideal for Application Security Testing?

Mobile Security Framework (MobSF), launched by OWASP in 2015, is a partially automated, open-source, all-in-one mobile application (Android/iOS/Windows) pen-testing framework capable of performing static, dynamic, and malware analysis. MobSF is one of the most widely used security applications where the testing framework - a simple, flexible, and incredibly powerful tool has quickly become the lingua franca of security. The flexibility and accessibility of the tool are helpful but also dangerous.

Mobile Matters: Keep Your Data Safe

Some of you may remember when phones were primarily used for making phone calls. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, our smartphones and tablets have transformed into multifunctional devices, serving as mini-computers, high-resolution cameras, and indispensable companions in our daily lives. They seamlessly keep us connected to the world, offering endless avenues for communication and entertainment.

Navigating Android Development Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of mobile app development, creating an Android app presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. With Android commanding a substantial share of the global smartphone market, businesses and developers are keenly interested in tapping into this expansive platform. However, one of the first hurdles they encounter is understanding the cost involved in bringing an Android application to life. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the Android development cost, offering insights into the factors that influence it and strategies to manage your budget effectively.

How To Identify a Fake Text Message

A few ways you can identify if a text message is fake is if its context is irrelevant to you; it’s claiming to be someone you know from an unknown number; it displays a sense of urgency; it’s asking you to click on a link; and it contains spelling, grammatical errors or both. In recent years, there has been an abundance of fake text messages targeting individuals to steal their personal information – placing victims at risk of having their identity stolen and losing money.

How To Tell if Spyware Is on Your Phone and How to Remove It

While browsing the internet, you may accidentally install spyware on your phone without even knowing. Android phones are known to be more susceptible to spyware than iPhones; however, anyone who owns a smartphone needs to watch out for spyware – especially if your phone is outdated or jailbroken. Some ways you can tell if spyware is installed is if your phone’s camera and mic turn on randomly, you hear a noise during phone calls, or you see unfamiliar apps and files on your phone.

10 Key Steps to Enhance Mobile Application Security in 2024

In today's digital landscape, ensuring robust security for your mobile applications is paramount. With attackers constantly evolving their techniques and targeting vulnerabilities, adopting DevSecOps is more important than ever, and it is part of any solid program of adding proactive measures to safeguard your mobile apps.

Maximize Your Productivity On-the-Go: Elevate Efficiency with Egnyte Mobile App

Today’s business world is more interconnected than ever. Communication gaps between teams, limited access to crucial data, and the inability to adapt swiftly to market shifts become pain points that slow down progress and hinder critical business decision-making. The Egnyte Mobile App is designed to address communication and collaboration challenges on-the-go.