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Why SIEM Is Not Right for SaaS Security

When security information and event management (SIEM) tools came to the market over a decade ago, many practitioners considered the combination of information management and event management groundbreaking. Since then, the technology has gone through iterations to improve and enhance its capabilities, including the incorporation of user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), machine learning and AI capabilities, and “out-of-the-box” configurations for smaller organizations to rely on.

Code Signing with Azure Key Vault: Create a Key Vault, Generate CSR and Import Certificate

In today’s digital landscape, where data security is paramount, protecting your private keys, generating certificates, and managing secure connections is crucial. Microsoft Azure KeyVault offers a robust and reliable solution for handling these critical security aspects. Follow the Video to Manage your Keys and Code Signing Certificates on Microsoft Azure KeyVault. You can Buy Code Signing Certificates for Azure Key Vault to Digitally Sign your Executables and Packages.

Keeper Security Report: Organizations Seek Cloud Advantages in PAM Solutions

Keeper Security has released the third part of its series on Privileged Access Management (PAM) research, the Keeper Security Insight Report: Cloud-Based Privileged Access Management, to determine what IT leaders are seeking in a PAM solution and the benefits of moving away from traditional, on-premises platforms.


Enabling Workload-Level Security for Kubernetes with Cisco Secure Firewall & Calico Egress Gateway on AWS

Enterprises that deploy Kubernetes in corporate data centers or cloud environments often use Cisco Secure Firewall to protect their networks and cloud resources. These firewalls are crucial for examining traffic coming from Kubernetes clusters. However, accurately determining the origin of this traffic as it passes through Cisco Secure Firewall can be challenging.


CrowdStrike Demonstrates Cloud Security Leadership at AWS re:Invent 2023

CrowdStrike is honored to be named Partner of the Year for several 2023 Geo and Global AWS Partner Awards at Amazon Web Services re:Invent 2023, where we are participating this year as a Diamond Sponsor. We are also proud to be a launch partner for AWS Built-in and achieve two AWS competencies.


Secure your AWS environment faster with Sumo Logic's AWS Built-in Competency

In the fast-paced world of cloud-based attacks, staying ahead of the curve with cloud-native security solutions is paramount. Sumo Logic, a leading name in the field, has taken a significant leap forward by embracing AWS Built-in and becoming a launch partner for the AWS Built-in Competency.