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Here Come The Regulations 443 Podcast YouTube Short

This episode covers two new sets of cybersecurity regulations, fresh from the White House's National Cybersecurity Strategy publication, targeting different critical infrastructure sectors in the United States. We'll also cover the latest nation-state activity targeting network connectivity appliances and end with fun research into an oldie-but-goodie video game system.
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GDPR - the benchmark for a global privacy framework

With the 5th anniversary of GDPR looming, this regulation continues to be a game-changer, setting the precedent for privacy and data laws around the world. In fact, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently reported that 71% of countries now have data protection regulations in place and a further 9% have legislation in development. Countries such as Vietnam and Saudi Arabia have recently introduced new privacy laws. But, as we reflect on the anniversary of GDPR's introduction, just this week we've seen the first billion-dollar fine issued. So, what does this mean for data privacy moving forward?
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PCI DSS vs GDPR: A Comparison of Data Security Standards

Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, global concern for data security and privacy has skyrocketed like a dazzling display of fireworks on New Year’s Eve. With an ever-increasing number of people utilizing online services and sharing their personal information on websites to engage in e-commerce transactions, the infrastructure for collecting and safeguarding consumer data has become of paramount importance.


Learning from 5 years of GDPR

Despite the GDPR routinely (and wrongly) being seen as an encumbrance, many of its requirements make sense for sound business and management reasons. For example, the requirement to maintain Records of Processing Activities (RoPA) under Article 30 can reduce time needed from business analysts when scoping projects. Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), reduce time misspent on projects which are not appropriate, legally viable, or necessary.

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Cyber Warfare and Government Attitudes To Cybersecurity

The cybersecurity landscape has changed almost beyond recognition. Cyber attacks, have grown into an inescapable facet of our daily lives. Everyone, from the world's most powerful people to general consumers, live under the spectre of cyberattacks. Cyberattacks also creep into the military sphere, with the threat of all-out cyber warfare looming large over conflicts across the globe.

Navigating the complex world of Cybersecurity compliance

The content of this post is solely the responsibility of the author. AT&T does not adopt or endorse any of the views, positions, or information provided by the author in this article. Cyberattacks have become increasingly common, with organizations of all types and sizes being targeted. The consequences of a successful cyberattack can be devastating. As a result, cybersecurity has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes.

The Impact of Government Legislation on Cybersecurity | James Rees, Razorthorn Security

Join us as we sit down with James Rees, cybersecurity expert from Razorthorn Security, to discuss the ever-changing landscape of government legislation and its impact on cybersecurity. James shares his insights on the challenges faced by cyber security professionals due to prolonged discussions and delayed releases of legislation. With examples from Europe and the UK, he highlights the need for timely action in the face of rapidly evolving cyber threats. Don't miss this eye-opening conversation that sheds light on the struggles faced by security teams and the urgency to stay ahead of the game in a constantly evolving digital world.

Cybersecurity - Change is coming and that's a good thing

Those words were spoken by the US National Security Advisor way back in 2005, and it is remarkable to see how prescient they were. The economy is not only supported by the cyber world, but that world is entirely data driven. Data has become a primary focus, not just for regulatory fodder, but for business survival.

Future of Data Privacy Examining the Impact of GDPR and CPRA on Business Practices

Welcome to our exciting and informative discussion on the future of data privacy and the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) on business practices! In this webinar, we cover a range of fascinating topics including an overview of GDPR and CPRA regulations, key differences and similarities between the two, and strategies for ensuring compliance.

AI, Cybersecurity, and Emerging Regulations

The SecurityScorecard team has just returned from an exciting week in San Francisco at RSA Conference 2023. This year’s theme, “Stronger Together,” was meant to encourage collaboration and remind attendees that when it comes to cybersecurity, no one goes it alone. Building on each other’s diverse knowledge and skills is what creates breakthroughs.