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How Do Websites Get Hacked?

We witness a sharp surge in website security risks, as highlighted in the latest State of Application Security Report for Q1 2023. AppTrana WAAP blocked 1 billion attacks across 1400+ websites under its protection. Every website is at risk, regardless of whether it is a simple blog, a portfolio showcase, a small cupcake business, or a dynamic e-commerce platform. Why would someone hack my website? How do hackers check if my website is hackable? How do websites get hacked?


Bug Bounty Programs Explained: Proactively Finding Bugs for Enhanced Security

The digital world is a lot like the Old West: lawless criminals are looking to take advantage of any bug, flaw or vulnerability to exploit. To combat the problems from these flaws, many organizations offer bounties to anyone who can find them before cybercriminals. Because bugs can be challenging to spot, bug bounty programs leverage ethical hackers' expertise to spot corporate software's flaws. Some of the largest corporations in the world, including Google, Microsoft, and the U.S.

What are honey pots? Hacker explains why honey pots are so effective at catching security breaches

Hacker Adriel Desautel explains why honey pots are such an effective tool to use against malicious threat actors. Adriel is a legendary personality in the security and hacking communities, today as the founder and CEO of Netraguard he, along with his team, conduct real world penetration tests on organizations of all sizes. This clip is part of an episode in The Security Repo Podcast where white hat hackers Noah Tongate and Adriel Desautel give real world advice on how to protect yourself against 'people like them'.

Fixing half a million security vulnerabilities

Hackathons are well known among software development teams for driving innovation and collaboration. So, what if we applied that model to cybersecurity to improve an organization’s application security posture? That would be a dream come true for any CISO and security practitioner — and is exactly what we set out to do at Snyk in February 2023. Check out some of the funniest moments from our panels.


Albertsons Grocery Chain Gets Hacked: Customer and Employee Data Exposed

Albertsons is a major grocery chain in the United States. The company is based in Boise, Idaho, and oversees a huge range of different grocery stores throughout the country. Stores like Star Market, Tom Thumb, Acme, Safeway, Vons, Balduccis, Food Lover's Market, Shaw's, Albertsons, and more.


Hackers Backdoor to Microsoft SQL Servers using Trigona ransomware

South Korean cyber security organisation AhnLab has identified a breach in Microsoft SQL servers allowing deployment of Trigona ransomware. The attacks were threat actors using brute-force or dictionary attacks with obtained or guessed credentials to infiltrate externally accessible MS-SQL servers.