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What Can Hackers Do With Your Phone Number?

You might think that a threat actor only having your phone number isn’t dangerous, but it can be, which is why it’s important to learn what hackers can do with it. With just your phone number, hackers can send you phishing texts and calls, flood your phone with spam calls, spoof your phone number, swap your SIM card and even steal your personal information. Continue reading to learn more about what hackers can do with your phone number and tips for keeping yourself safe.

If I Click a Link, Will I Get Hacked?

If you click on a malicious link, also known as a phishing link, there is a possibility that you’ll get hacked. This is because clicking on a phishing link could immediately cause malware to download on your device. Alternatively, clicking on a link can direct you to a dangerous phishing website where you’re prompted to enter your personal information. Continue reading to learn more about how clicking a link can lead to getting hacked and how to avoid clicking on these malicious links.

Microsoft Warns Customers of Email Breach by Russian Hackers

In a recent security disclosure, Microsoft has warned more of its clients that Russian hackers have accessed emails exchanged between them and the company. This breach, attributed to the notorious "Midnight Blizzard" hacking group, has raised significant concerns about the security of communications with Microsoft.

Data Blizzard Hits LA Schools: Students data stolen in Snowflake Hack

In a recent development that has raised concerns across the education sector, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has confirmed a significant data breach involving student information. The breach, linked to a hack of the district’s Snowflake account, has exposed sensitive data pertaining to students and employees enrolled in the sprawling district. Snowflake is a cloud database platform used by companies worldwide to store their data.

My Hacker Story: A Cautionary Tale of Intern Antics and Cultural Learnings

My hacker story does not paint me in the best light, and it is not intended to. I am a firm believer in sharing one's mistakes and being open to learning from them. My incident taught me so much, and many years later, I am still benefiting from the learning opportunities. As the wise quote goes, "We have met the enemy, and they are us" — a sentiment that perfectly sums up my experience.

How to track down your expired domain names before hackers do

What happens when your organization’s domain name expires or changes? Expired domains don’t simply disappear, and they can even become attack routes into your organization. Recent news out of Belgium has highlighted the potential danger, with hundreds of expired domain names and email addresses of government services being found available for purchase online.

BreachForums seized! One of the world's largest hacking forums is taken down by the FBI... again

Law enforcement agencies worldwide have coordinated to take down one of the world’s largest hacker forums, scoring a victory against cybercrime. BreachForums, a notorious marketplace for stolen data, was seized by the authorities on Wednesday, according to a message on its website.