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Data Breaches


Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches Cited as the Number One Business Risk for Organizations

Even when looking at the various kinds of risks to business, cyber attacks still remain the biggest problem. But new data shows there may be a lesson to be learned to minimize losses. Aon’s Global Risk Management Survey, nearly 3,000 organizations across 61 countries were asked about sources of business risk. In the report, “Cyber Attack/Data Breach” was the #1 current risk and #1 future risk seen by organizations.


Health Organization Records Stolen via Welltok's MOVEit - 930k+ Including Minors

The number of victims caused by the global MOVEit data breach continues to climb; Welltok has announced more exposures, this time from three more health organizations. Welltok is an online provider of lifestyle health services and allows health professionals to communicate quickly with their patients. This most recent announcement involves Elixir RX Solutions from Ohio, OrthoNebraska from Nebraska, and OSF HealthCare System from Illinois.


MOVEit Breach Creates More Victims; 105k Records Stolen from Insurance Group

The Pan-American Life Insurance Group (PALIG) provides various insurance plans across the states and beyond. PALIG employs more than 2,100 staff and has a 110-year history of providing insurance to those needing it. Companies and individuals turn to PALIG in their time of need, and PALIG returns the favor by providing high-quality insurance options.


90% of Energy Companies Experienced a Third-Party Breach

More than two years after the major U.S. pipeline ransomware incident, the SecurityScorecard Threat Research, Intelligence, Knowledge, and Engagement (STRIKE) Team has released a new report revealing that 90% of the largest global energy companies have experienced a third-party breach in the past 12 months. This research highlights the uphill battle faced by the energy industry in combating emerging threats across the supply chain.


Third-Party Data Breach Response Playbook

The risk of data breaches has become an omnipresent concern for businesses and organizations. And as technology continues to evolve, so do the tactics of cybercriminals. One critical aspect of cybersecurity strategy involves preparing for and responding to third-party data breaches. A well-constructed response playbook is indispensable in mitigating the potential damages and ensuring a swift recovery.


New York Healthcare Provider Notified 600k Following Network Cyberattack

East River Medical Imaging (ERMI) has three locations in New York City and Westchester County. ERMI is a “multi-modality radiology center,” including patient-centered solutions like MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds, imaging, radiology, fluoroscopy, and x-rays. They have served New York since 1970 and have a long history of high-quality patient care. At the end of August, an unauthorized actor accessed their network—exposing sensitive information from employees and patients.


Data Breach at the Idaho National Laboratory

On November 20, the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) confirmed that it had suffered a data breach. The confirmation followed the SiegedSec threat actor group’s circulation of claims that it had “accessed hundreds of thousands of user, employee and citizen data” on social media and hacking forums.


Japan's Line Messenger Embattled; 440,000 at Risk for Exposure

Line Messenger is a communication app that allows users to communicate for free by sending messages and making voice calls. Japan’s mega-corporation, LY Corp., owns them; LY offers a variety of lifestyle solutions, including shopping, business, gaming, and financial tech apps. LY purportedly discovered a breach at the beginning of October—although investigations are ongoing, the event may have exposed thousands.


Weekly Cybersecurity Recap December 1

This week, cybercriminals targeted health lifestyle members, patients, gamblers, and general consumers. Early on, Welltok returned to the news, this time with over 426k member data stolen by assailants; the organizations impacted by the breach were Premier Health and Graphic Packaging International. In North Carolina, cybercriminals targeted a healthcare clinic. The assailants stole more than 60k patient records from Robeson Health Care.


Family Dollar & Dollar Tree Bleed Consumer Data Following Cyberattack

In 2015, Family Dollar acquired its biggest competitor, Dollar Tree. Family Dollar is one-half of a consumer’s dream; they offer low-priced goods for families in 8,200 locations nationwide. The other half of the business offers even lower deals. Dollar Tree provides options for $1 purchases at 15,000 locations throughout the states. Now, branches are sporting both company’s colors, wares, and deals.