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OpsMatters | Complexity

The OpsMatters Mission

Technological advances and innovations in recent years have lead to an explosion in the complexity of Operational Systems, as well as an exponential growth in the telemetry and data they generate.

To make sense of all this, many new technologies, products and tools have been created to observe, analyse and understand the behaviour of these systems, as well as deal with things when they inevitably go wrong.

The OpsMatters mission is to bring these ever-changing and evolving areas of technology to a larger audience of users, developers, enthusiasts and decision-makers by providing the latest information delivered using modern online channels.

OpsMatters | Bridging The Gap

How do we do it?

Our goal is to become the best and most up-to-date source of News and Information for Ops and other related industries and technologies.

To achieve this we:

  • Continuously monitor all of our contributors for the latest news, articles and videos.
  • Raise awareness of technological advancements, as well as new products and developments as they are released.
  • Disseminate technical and product knowledge in the form of blogs, videos, events, white papers and ebooks.
  • Showcase our contributors and their products using all the available types of content.
  • Utilise popular social media channels to broadcast this information to the widest possible audience.

OpsMatters | Social Promotion

The Information Platform for Ops

Our platform uniquely combines all of these functions:

Monitoring: Every day the OpsMatters Platform automatically monitors hundreds of contributing organisations for new articles, videos and events to be included in the site.
Curation & Publication: All new content is individually curated to ensure its relevance and quality, before being added to the organisation's own listing page.
Promotion: After publication, new content is automatically promoted using popular social media channels.

Hundreds of organisations have already joined this exciting new platform helping it to become the richest and most diverse source of content on the internet for these important areas.

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