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VMware vs KVM: A 5-Point Analysis

Following the boat-rocking acquisition acquisition of VMware by Broadcom at the end of 2023, uncertainty and skepticism has been looming among VMware customers as the changes were fast and drastic, impacting everyone in one way or another. While VMware still remains the virtualization leader and isn’t going anywhere (especially for large customers), a number of smaller organizations have been poking around to find whether realistic alternatives exist.

The 2024 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA) Report | Synopsys

Open source is in everything, everywhere, all at once. Get an in-depth look at the current state of open source security with the ninth edition of the “Open Source Security and Risk Analysis”(OSSRA) report. Do you know what's in your code?

A Comprehensive Guide to Open-Source Security

Open source security is a term used to describe the process of protecting your organization’s data and network from attack by using open-source software. It refers to the use of open-source software (OSS) for data protection. Open source software is free to use, meaning that anyone can access it without paying fees. This allows organizations to take advantage of the collective knowledge and experience of thousands of people who have contributed code or worked on projects together.

Automated SCM project scanning with Black Duck SCA | Synopsys

Black Duck’s automated project onboarding meets teams where they already are and enables them to quickly onboard and scan multiple projects in a single step. This means no manual scanning needed, and no interfacing with builds or pipeline – these scans are mapped and executed entirely within Black Duck. In this video, we'll demonstrate how to.

How to Easily Generate An Accurate Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) with Black Duck | Synopsys

Did you know that open source code constitutes up to 95% of the code in your applications? This creates a web of dependencies that can pose security, quality, and compliance risks. Black Duck provides a solution by helping you generate an accurate software bill of materials (SBOM) in minutes, giving you visibility into your software supply chain. Watch the video to streamline your SBOM generation process and take control of your software supply chain.

Security warning! All of us are victims of open-source vulnerabilities

Picture this: A user on your network casually explores the internet and scrolls through a website’s comment section. However, a lurking threat known as cross-site scripting (XSS) is poised to exploit vulnerabilities and steal their session cookies, which includes sensitive data such as their logon credentials. But how does this nefarious scheme unfold, and what other open-source vulnerabilities could be exploited in the process?

Trustwave Transfers ModSecurity Custodianship to the Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP)

After serving as its steward for over a decade, Trustwave has agreed to transfer the reins of the renowned open-source web application firewall (WAF) engine, ModSecurity, to the Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP). This landmark move promises to inject fresh energy and perspectives into the project, ensuring its continued evolution as a vital line of defense for countless websites worldwide.

What To Look For in an Open Source Vulnerability Scanner

One of the top security concerns we hear from technology leaders is about the security of open source software (OSS) and cloud software development. An open source vulnerability scanner (for scanning OSS) helps you discover risk in the third-party code you use. However, just because a solution scans open source does not mean you are ultimately reducing security risk with it.