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Growing Digital Ecosystems, Increasing Cybersecurity Risk, Fragmented Regulations and Economic Challenges Emphasizes Need for Holistic API Security

The challenges that the global business community has faced in the last few years have been unprecedented. A pandemic, inflation, an energy crisis, war, an economic downturn, and fragmented and delayed supply chains have all created issues for organizations and have left no industry, market, or region untouched. Yet, despite these issues, our digital ecosystems and footprint grow ever bigger and increasingly complex. The global digital transformation market was worth $731.13 billion in 2022, and it is now expected to grow at a CAGR of 26.7% by 2030, driven in the main by businesses trying to gain a competitive advantage.

API7:2019 Security Misconfiguration: The What, Sample Exploits, and Prevention Methods

Security misconfigurations are very common security risks, not just in web applications but also in APIs. They have been consistently part of the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Vulnerabilities. They were part of the original OWASP Top 10 API Security Risks published in 2019 and have now made it to the updated 2023 list. Security misconfiguration maintains its 7th rank in OWASP Top 10 API 2023RC owing to its widespread prevalence, easy exploitability, and easy detectability.


Ultimate Security Checklist to Launch a Mobile App in Bahrain - iOS & Android

Launching a mobile app in Bahrain, whether for iOS or Android, requires careful consideration of security measures. According to the World Bank, mobile phone penetration in Bahrain reached 131% of the population in 2021. This indicates that there were more mobile phone subscriptions than the total population, suggesting that many individuals in Bahrain own multiple mobile devices or have multiple subscriptions.


[Mastering Minds] China's Cognitive Warfare Ambitions Are Social Engineering At Scale

As the world continues to evolve, so does the nature of warfare. China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) is increasingly focused on "Cognitive Warfare," a term referring to artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled military systems and operational concepts. The PLA's exploration into this new domain of warfare could potentially change the dynamics of global conflict.


Enhancing Mobile Device Security: Applying the NIS2 Directive

Mobile devices have become indispensable in our modern lives, enabling us to stay connected, access information, and conduct transactions on the go. However, the rise of mobile usage for accessing corporate information is attracting the increased attention of cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Colliding with the Future: The Disruptive Force of Generative AI in B2B Software

Over the past few months, our collective fascination with AI has reached unprecedented heights, leading to an influx of information and discussions on its potential implications. It seems that wherever we turn, AI dominates the conversation. AI has captivated the imaginations of tech enthusiasts, researchers, and everyday individuals alike. At the tender age of 11, I received my very first computer, the legendary ZX Spectrum. Looking back, it's hard to believe how much has changed since then.