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We're Teaming Up With Snyk to Strengthen Developer Security!

The new partnership enables Snyk and GitGuardian to build, integrate and go to market together to help development and security teams scale their security programs and significantly reduce their applications' attack surface at every stage of the code-to-cloud lifecycle.


SecurityScorecard's Partnership with the TSA

As part of our continued commitment to making the world a safer place, SecurityScorecard recently partnered with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This partnership will enable the agency to more accurately monitor and assess the cyber health of the nation’s pipeline, rail, and aviation transportation systems.

device authority

Device Authority and Entrust Further Demonstrate Their Partnership Potential to Provide Security to the Supply Chain

Identified as leaders in IoT (Internet of Things) Device Identity Lifecycle Management by ABI Research, and leaders in IoT IAM according to Quadrant, Device Authority and Entrust have worked together to integrate Device Authority’s KeyScaler® IoT IAM (Identity and Access Management) platform with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) services from Entrust, extending the existing collaboration for Hardware Security Module (HSM) services, to provide device trust, data trust and automation at IoT sca

Vanta Expands Partnership with CrowdStrike, Announces New Integration to Secure Access for Automated Compliance

New integration transforms automation process for security operations at scale. Vanta announces additional strategic investments by Atlassian Ventures, HubSpot Ventures and Workday Ventures. Crossing the 5,000 customer milestone as the market-leading trust management platform.

Rubrik & Zscaler Announce Industry's First Double Extortion Ransomware Solution

While ransomware continues to be a growing problem, double extortion ransomware in particular has been growing even more rapidly for organizations. Zscaler’s ThreatLabz has found a nearly 120% growth in double extortion ransomware. Double extortion attacks are devastating for organizations because they involve both the encryption of production data as well as the exfiltration of data.

noname security

Noname Security Announces IBM Partnership

As the worldwide Director of Alliances at Noname Security, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that we have entered into an OEM agreement with IBM, the world-leader in integrating technology and business expertise for their customers. Under this agreement, IBM will market and sell the Noname Advanced API Security platform as an IBM product, providing IBM customers with even more advanced and reliable solutions.


Bitsight Partners with Moody's Analytics-Incorporating Cyber Analytics into Its Leading Integrated Risk Products

A recent study found that financially material cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and that the top 5% of such attacks lead to an average $52M in losses. As these types of cyber attacks become more frequent and more severe, it has become increasingly critical for risk managers outside of enterprise security functions —such as compliance and credit officers—to consider cybersecurity risk in their assessment of customers, suppliers and investments.

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New Wiz Partnership Provides Full Visibility, Context, and Control of all Your Cloud APIs

We are all excited about our new strategic partnership with Wiz. Our latest integration gives corporate information security teams unprecedented visibility and control of the APIs scattered across their entire cloud estate. Wiz is the fastest-growing software company in the world for good reason.