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Polaris integrations: Secure development at the speed of business

Digitalization means you need to build more complex software than ever before – the Polaris Software Integrity Platform® can help. Whether you’re building software to run your business or selling software to other businesses, you’re relying on technologies like cloud computing, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), microservices, and APIs to enable speed and agility in application development.


Vanta delivers over 50 new integrations in one quarter

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve delivered more than 50 new system integrations over the past quarter, taking us to a total of 110 integrations. This is far ahead of any other automated compliance solution in the market, reflecting our innovation velocity and long-term commitment to ensuring customer value and success with Vanta.

What is CRM Integration? Tools and Examples for Your Business

Customer data is among the most crucial resources a business can have. It helps you analyze and understand the current and prospective customers, enabling you to deliver more personalized products and strategize your marketing campaigns. However, collecting, managing, and aggregating customer data is never easy. And that's where businesses integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to help centralize multiple information streams, databases, and other systems.

archTIS NC Encrypt Integrates with Thales CipherTrust Manager to Secure Business Critical Content in Microsoft Applications

Recently, archTIS worked with fellow Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) member, Thales to integrate NC Encrypt with CipherTrust Manager. MISA members are top experts from across the cybersecurity industry with the shared goal of improving customer security. Both companies offer advanced data security for the Microsoft Purview Information Protection suite and worked together on a joint solution for customers aiming to achieve digital sovereignty.


Mitigate Cyber Risk From Email With the Falcon LogScale and Mimecast Integration

Email is the top initial attack vector, with phishing campaigns responsible for many damaging cyber attacks, including ransomware. Being able to search Mimecast email security logs in CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale (formerly known as Humio), alongside other log sources such as endpoint, network and authentication data helps cybersecurity teams detect and respond to cyber attacks.


A Guide to LimaCharlie's Microsoft Integrations

LimaCharlie has multiple integrations that offer security teams greater visibility into Microsoft Windows. If you’re familiar with LimaCharlie, you probably know about some of these already. But over the past few months, we’ve added quite a bit to our catalog of capabilities. For this reason, we wanted to put together an updated guide to our most important Microsoft integrations.

Power your threat detections with SnapAttack and LimaCharlie

LimaCharlie and SnapAttack are pleased to announce a new integration that gives organizations access to open-source intelligence objects and behaviorally-oriented detections developed by the SnapAttack threat research team as well as popular community tools, such as Atomic Red Team and Sigma. The ruleset contains high-confidence detections for most platforms that have been verified against true positive data by SnapAttack’s threat detection team.

LimaCharlie Integrates with SnapAttack's Community Edition Powering Threat Detections

LimaCharlie is pleased to announce an integration with SnapAttack’s Community Edition, a new offering from SnapAttack that gives organizations access to open-source intelligence objects and behaviorally-oriented detections developed by SnapAttack’s threat research team and highly skilled community researchers together with popular community tools, such as Atomic Red Team and Sigma.