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Autumn's Arrival: Unpacking CloudCasa's Innovative Feature Update

As the season shifts, we at CloudCasa are excited to share a fresh batch of updates with you. This autumn, we’re rolling out new features designed to bring more power and flexibility to your data protection strategy. From the convenience of our new Self-Hosted option to the seamless integration with Velero, our latest offerings are tailored to support enterprises in strengthening their data resilience.

Velero Backup Essentials: Choosing What Works Best for You

Velero supports multiple types of backups including backups of resource specs, PV snapshots, backups of live PV data, and backups of PV snapshots. In this webinar, we will explain each of these methods in more detail and describe when each is appropriate and why you should pick one over another. The topic of which backup method to use elicits a lot of questions in the Velero forums and among our own user base, and we intend for this webinar to help clarify the matter.

Your Backup Data: An Untapped Source of Security Intelligence

It goes without saying that organizations must back up their critical data to ensure business continuity in the event of cyber attacks, disasters, operational failures, or insider threats. But are passive backups enough in today’s environment of sophisticated cyber threats? Despite having backups and various security tools to monitor infrastructure, organizations remain vulnerable to attackers who are still managing to penetrate defenses.


Rubrik Unveils Rapid Cyber Recovery for Large Enterprises Using Microsoft 365 Backup Storage

Every day more than 2 billion documents and emails are added to Microsoft 365, making this critical data a priority target for ransomware and other cyber attacks. After all, 61% of attacks affect SaaS applications, the most targeted platform / environment. This data can also often be unstructured, and rapidly processing and managing the content at enterprise scale is critical when it comes to both applying protection and performing restores.


How Rubrik Enhances Protection and Speeds Recovery for Microsoft 365 Backup Storage

What if a malicious attack deleted your Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) objects? Or what if hundreds of objects get deleted across your Microsoft OneDrive account from a rogue script? Think about it. If you’re a large enterprise customer, would you be prepared to rapidly recover from these scenarios at scale?


Simplifying Government Data Protection for Kubernetes with CloudCasa

In the realm of government institutions in Brazil, regional electoral courts hold a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. These institutions are mandated to safeguard their essential electoral data through off-site backup solutions. While Kubernetes’ efficiency and flexibility hold great promise for modernizing operations, government data protection challenges have deterred many regional electoral courts from embracing this technology.