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Product Release


Elastic Security 8.8: Powerful endpoint response, alert triage, and data accuracy to bring more efficiency to security

As the volume and complexity of cyber threats continue to increase, security analysts face mounting pressure to protect their organizations from attack with maximum efficiency. Elastic Security 8.8 introduces features designed to help analysts digest, prioritize, and quickly respond to security incidents. These features include the following: Elastic Security 8.8 is available on Elastic Cloud — the only hosted Elasticsearch offering to include all of the new features in this latest release.


Improved risk assessment with EPSS scores in Snyk

The number and complexity of software vulnerabilities is continuously growing. The ability of development and security teams to assess the threat level a given vulnerability poses and prioritize fix efforts accordingly greatly depends on access to as much context as possible about the vulnerability.


Teleport Team

Teleport Team is the latest SaaS offering from Teleport. Teleport Team is designed to secure your infrastructure with safe, short-lived, and secretless access. It's an ideal solution for startups, rapidly expanding businesses, or even hobbyists who want to fortify their infrastructure without the hassle of deploying, updating, or maintaining a Teleport Cluster. Starting at just $15 per monthly active user with 50 included protected resources.


Introducing Passage by 1Password - the simple way to add passkey support to your app or website

Toward the end of last year, Passage joined 1Password to bring passwordless authentication to everyone. Now, we’re ready to introduce you to Passage by 1Password: the fastest and most secure way for developers and businesses to add passkey support to their products.


Announcing Cloudflare Secrets Store

We’re excited to announce Secrets Store - Cloudflare’s new secrets management offering! A secrets store does exactly what the name implies - it stores secrets. Secrets are variables that are used by developers that contain sensitive information - information that only authorized users and systems should have access to.


Snyk and ServiceNow collaborate on new SBOM solution

ServiceNow’s biggest event of the year — Knowledge 2023 — is here, and Snyk is excited to be a part of it with some big news! Back in January, we announced Snyk Security for Application Vulnerability Response to bring Snyk Open Source software composition analysis to ServiceNow Security Operations.


Introducing Vanta Workspaces

We’re thrilled to announce Vanta Workspaces, a new capability in our platform that enables complex organizations with multiple business units to easily customize, manage, and automate compliance at both the business unit and parent organization level in a single Vanta account. With Workspaces, your organization can save time and money, improve your compliance and security posture, and accelerate revenue with the attestations and certifications your end customers require.


Introducing new Zero Trust controls in ManageEngine PAM360

We are delighted to announce game changing features now offered as part of ManageEngine PAM360, our enterprise privileged access management (PAM) suite. With PAM360’s new additions to its Zero Trust offering, your organization’s privileged identities will be protected like never before. These updates will be available with the latest version of PAM360.


A complete suite of Zero Trust security tools to help get the most from AI

Cloudflare One gives teams of any size the ability to safely use the best tools on the Internet without management headaches or performance challenges. We’re excited to announce Cloudflare One for AI, a new collection of features that help your team build with the latest AI services while still maintaining a Zero Trust security posture.


Devo Platform 8.0 Release

2022 was a year of dramatic expansion for The Devo Platform. The enhancements of behavior analytics, workflow automation, and AI-driven threat detection have transformed the Devo Platform into a cloud-native, SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR solution. This gives security teams the visibility, high performance, and advanced analytics they need to respond quickly to threats and protect the business.