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Case Study

Securitize integrates Fireblocks to improve its security in the tokenization of real-world assets

The financial industry is making new moves, with tokenization projects coming to light to bring traditional assets into the public blockchains and increasing their distribution and liquidity. The trend gained momentum with the issuance of bonds and other funds in the last 12 months.

Why Visma chose Aikido Security for its 170+ companies

Visma selects Aikido security, entrusting them to deliver software security to their portfolio of 170+ companies. Securing software is vitally important to Visma, whose operations deliver software to dynamic SMEs, powerhouse corporations, and key public institutions worldwide. Together, Visma and Aikido are not just participating in the future of application security; they are creating it.

Spoutible Enhances Platform Security through Partnership with Wallarm

Spoutible, the rapidly growing social media platform known for its commitment to fostering a safe, inclusive, and respectful online community, has taken a significant step forward in its mission to ensure user safety, security and data integrity. Recognizing the critical importance of robust API security in today’s digital age, Spoutible is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Wallarm, a leader in API and Application security.

How Effortless Solutions Managed Multi-Tiered Client Needs with BoxyHQ SSO

Effortless Solutions faced a unique challenge: implementing an Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for a customer's client in the Netherlands, requiring a SaaS application developed on the Bubble platform to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft EntraID, ensuring minimal disruption and downtime while enhancing productivity and maintaining high-security standards.

Zodia Markets Integrates Fireblocks to Transform Corporate Cross-Border Payments

Zodia Markets, a UK-headquartered institutional crypto trading business backed by Standard Chartered, has integrated Fireblocks to support the increased adoption of digital asset-based cross-border transactions. This strategic move offers a first-of-its-kind solution to improve efficiency in cross-border payments using stablecoins.

Iron Mountain Data Centers' Proactive Approach to Modern Threats with Rubrik

As a part of Iron Mountain Inc., a global leader in secure data and asset management trusted by 95% of the Fortune 1000, Iron Mountain Data Centers is uniquely positioned to protect, connect, and activate high-value customer data. Historically, Iron Mountain Data Centers took a defensive posture when it came to data security, focused on keeping bad actors out. Given the continually evolving nature of modern threats, the service provider had ambitious plans to elevate their cyber security platform, future-proofing their data security with Rubrik.

Achieving Seamless SSO Integration: Why BlockSurvey Selected BoxyHQ

In a world where data privacy has become a paramount concern, BlockSurvey stands out as a beacon of trust and security. Committed to empowering users with complete ownership over their data, BlockSurvey faced the challenge of ensuring enterprise-level security and privacy for its customers. The solution? BoxyHQ’s Single Sign-On powered by the open-source SAML Jackson.

Leveraging BoxyHQ's Open-Source SSO for Greater Market Reach and Compliance: MonkeyFit

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, companies face myriad challenges in scaling, security, and compliance. MonkeyFit's journey, as detailed in a comprehensive case study, demonstrates the power of strategic solutions in overcoming such hurdles.

How REI built a DevSecOps culture and how Snyk helped

A few years ago, REI embarked on its digital transformation and cloud migration journey, moving on-prem development environments to AWS. But, as REI’s development teams began this transition, their security counterparts noticed that application security just wasn’t keeping up. As a result, REI began another journey: identifying the right security tooling and cultural shifts for AppSec success.

Sumo Logic & Gigamon -- Three Top Security Use Cases

Together, Gigamon and Sumo Logic enable organizations to build an effective and efficient monitoring and security posture. Matt Rosenbaum, Partner Architect at Sumo Logic and Stephen Goudreault, Cloud Security Evangelist from Gigamon cover three top Security Use Cases for this integration. Security Posture Suspicious Activities Rogue Activities As premier AWS partners, you can find both Sumo Logic and Gigamon in the AWS Marketplace.