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What is CRM Integration? Tools and Examples for Your Business

Customer data is among the most crucial resources a business can have. It helps you analyze and understand the current and prospective customers, enabling you to deliver more personalized products and strategize your marketing campaigns. However, collecting, managing, and aggregating customer data is never easy. And that's where businesses integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to help centralize multiple information streams, databases, and other systems.

Modern, Secure Data Access with Egnyte and Salesforce

Every sales and marketing interaction — regardless of where it happens — generates data. Every note written on a salesperson’s computer and every contract or presentation that is uploaded into a CRM system produces valuable signals sales teams use to secure leads and close deals.


The Essential Guide to CRM Data Loss Prevention in Salesforce

As with most SaaS applications, within Salesforce it is your organization’s responsibility to determine whether Salesforce’s default security settings meet your specific security and compliance obligations. Read this online guide, for free, to learn about the problem of data exposure in Salesforce and how to ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and other leading industry standards while storing sensitive data in Salesforce.


Now Available: Nightfall Expands Data Security and Compliance for Salesforce Customers

By design, Salesforce is an environment where customer PII and other sensitive information must be shared and stored. However, compliance regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and others limit this storage and usage of customer data to only what’s justifiably required for an organization to carry out its duties. Even then, there are requirements for how this data should be stored – like whether it should be encrypted, for example.


Connect Kintent's Trust Cloud to Your CRM

Keeping your sales and security teams in sync on the progress of security questionnaires can be painful. Frustration due to lack of transparency can occur, which tends to add friction to the sales process. This is because answering a security questionnaire and going through security reviews is a team sport, and sales people always want to know the latest status.


Announcing Our Next Cloud-native Integration: Nightfall for Salesforce Enters Active Development

At Nightfall, our mission is to discover and secure sensitive data in every cloud application through a cloud-native, accurate, and performant platform. Since 2019, Nightfall has partnered with some of the world’s most innovative organizations to proactively eliminate data security risks across a fleet of SaaS applications via our native integrations for Slack, Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Google Drive, and GitHub.