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Snyk and ServiceNow collaborate on new SBOM solution

ServiceNow’s biggest event of the year — Knowledge 2023 — is here, and Snyk is excited to be a part of it with some big news! Back in January, we announced Snyk Security for Application Vulnerability Response to bring Snyk Open Source software composition analysis to ServiceNow Security Operations.


Reduce resolution time for container vulnerabilities with ServiceNow & Sysdig

Today, security and development teams are drowning in vulnerabilities. Most security tools identify issues, but don’t provide reliable prioritization or simplify remediation. To help solve these challenges, Sysdig runtime vulnerability management – part of Sysdig’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) – provides a runtime image scanner coupled with an eBPF probe to analyze container behavior and identify the vulnerable packages that are in use at runtime.


Snyk enhances ServiceNow with comprehensive insights into vulnerabilities in open source software

We’re excited to announce a new partnership to bring Snyk security insights to ServiceNow workflows. The integration between Snyk Open Source and ServiceNow Application Vulnerability Response, the first of its kind, gives application security teams visibility into vulnerabilities in open source dependencies to provide a complete view of an organization’s application security posture.


Developing an Effective Change Management Program

Change detection is easy. What is not so easy, is reconciling change. Change reconciliation is where most organizations stumble. What was the change? When was it made? Who made it? Was it authorized? The ability to answer these questions are the elements that comprise change management. Historically, the haste of accomplishing a task consisted of a sysadmin moving full-speed ahead to satisfy the needs of the business.