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Latest Customer Stories

Building a next-gen SOC at Pinewood, a leading MSSP, underpinned by Elastic SIEM

Cybersecurity is a critical and challenging domain that requires constant vigilance, innovation, and adaptation. As cyber threats evolve and become more sophisticated, so do the tools and techniques to defend against them. One of the most effective ways to achieve comprehensive and proactive security is to implement a security information and event management (SIEM) platform that can collect, analyze, and correlate data from various sources to provide actionable insights and alerts.

How GitGuardian Provides Peace of Mind for Kubefirst

In the world of software development, the security of your code is paramount. This is especially true for GitOps shops like Kubefirst, where secrets, tokens, and repositories are constantly being updated and shared. John Dietz, CEO and technical co-founder of Kubefirst, shared his experiences with GitGuardian and how it has become an essential tool in their operations.

What Udemy is building with AI in Tines

For the security team at Udemy, AI in workflow automation provides an opportunity to unlock new time savings while keeping their organization secure, and protecting their online learning and teaching marketplace of 62 million users. But like all good security teams, they don’t want to sacrifice data security or privacy. AI in Tines, which is secure and private by design, provides that all-important layer of control - data never leaves the region, travels online, is logged, or is used for training.

Building Cyber Resilience Amid Azure Migration

With ransomware increasing and a complex, business-critical cloud migration on the horizon, BSM, one of the world’s largest shipping companies, was seeking a solution to monitor its environment for potential threats, both now and in the future. Working with Kroll gives the company greater visibility across its global network of offices and ships to better detect and respond to threats.

How Workstreet hits efficiency targets with Vanta

Established in 2019 with headquarters in Colorado, Workstreet stands out as a premier Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) dedicated to supporting hyper-growth technology businesses with security and compliance needs. Workstreet approaches its vCISO and security services as strategic accelerators for client growth, helping clients establish, maintain, and demonstrate their security and privacy functions. ‍

Seattle Kraken Deploy WatchGuard's Unified Security Platform

We’re proud to announce the recent deployment of our Unified Security Platform architecture for the Seattle Kraken, providing comprehensive protection against cyber threats for the NHL’s 32nd franchise. The Kraken now rely on WatchGuard to provide complete protection for their organization as the official cybersecurity sponsor of the Seattle Kraken.

o9 Solutions: Optimizing Security Operations with Elastic

O9 Solutions leverages Elastic for both Observability and Security Operations Center (SOC) purposes. Initially employed for performance monitoring, Elastic's integration with O9's security stack has provided comprehensive visibility into potential threats and anomalies within their environment. This integration extends across various platforms such as Google, AWS, Active Directory, WEF, and HDR, enabling correlation and consolidated dashboard views for decision-making.