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  |  By Mike Nichols,
The cybersecurity domain mirrors the physical space, with the security operations center (SOC) acting as your digital police department. Cybersecurity analysts are like the police, working to deter cybercriminals from attempting attacks on their organization or stopping them in their tracks if they try it. When an attack occurs, incident responders, akin to digital detectives, piece together clues from many different sources to determine the order and details of events before building a remediation plan.
  |  By Jennifer Ellard,
Site reliability engineers (SREs) and security analysts — despite having very different roles — share a lot of the same goals. They both employ proactive monitoring and incident response strategies to identify and address potential issues before they become service impacting. They also both prioritize organizational stability and resilience, aiming to minimize downtime and disruptions.
  |  By Arsalan Khan,
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is widely recognized as an important control to make our accounts more secure by providing protection beyond just passwords. When MFA is enabled, we tend to think our accounts are safe from unauthorized access — but what if we said it's time to rethink this belief?
  |  By Tamarian Del Conte,
Elastic Security 8.13 introduces a refined benchmark-rules experience, advanced endpoint response actions, and a suite of enhancements to help users continue to accelerate their security program. Some of the major features included in this release enable users to: Elastic Security 8.13 is available now on Elastic Cloud — the only hosted Elasticsearch offering to include all of the new features in this latest release.
  |  By Meg Novak,
The US Department of Defense (DoD) has vast reserves of data, and the key to warfighter advantage is leveraging relevant data as a strategic asset to gain battlespace operational advantage, accelerating operational multi-domain decision-making at echelon scale.
  |  By Gareth Muc-Johnson,
In the dynamic landscape of financial services, data is not just currency; it's the key to innovation and operational excellence. Data is constantly streamlining from devices, logins, transfers, transactions, and much more, and it’s bound to increase with an ongoing reliance on digital channels. This creates a massive opportunity and responsibility for financial institutions, as their customers (and regulators) demand more from banking providers.
  |  By Arvind Bhat
In the ever-evolving landscape of digital business, security is paramount. As businesses navigate the complexities of today's interconnected world, ensuring the safety of sensitive data and maintaining the integrity of operations becomes a top priority. Partner with Airtel, a trusted leader in telecommunications, and explore the cutting-edge Airtel Managed Security Services, fortified by the robust Elastic Security stack.
  |  By Mike Nichols
Elastic® introduces Elastic AI Assistant, the open, generative AI sidekick powered by ESRE to democratize cybersecurity and enable users of every skill level. The recently released Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ (ESRE™) delivers new capabilities for creating highly relevant AI search applications. ESRE builds on more than two years of focused machine learning research and development made possible through Elastic’s leadership role in search use cases.
  |  By Bill Wright
In the wake of recent cyber attacks against US water utilities, the vulnerability of local entities dependent on operational technology (OT) has been starkly highlighted. This danger was further emphasized last week when Congress held a hearing titled Securing Operational Technology: A Deep Dive into the Water Sector. Witnesses at the hearing painted a stark picture of the significant cybersecurity risks facing small utility companies today.
  |  By Abby Zumstein
Your one-stop shop for transparent cloud security information Elastic® knows that security and compliance requirements are mandatory for regulated and non-regulated customers alike. We strongly believe in providing clear and transparent information to earn your trust in Elastic as an organization and in the services we provide. Our Trust Center is a public one-stop shop for information on security, compliance, privacy, and resiliency for Elastic and the Elastic Cloud.
  |  By Elastic
Elastic AI Assistant can provide real-time, personalized alert insights — empowering security teams to stay one step ahead in the ever-evolving threat landscape. With the power of large language models (LLMs), the AI Assistant can process multiple alerts simultaneously, offering an unprecedented level of insight and customization. You can interact with your data by asking complex questions and receiving context-aware responses tailored to your needs. Watch this demo from James Spiteri, Director of Product Management at Elastic to see what's new in the Elastic AI Assistant in Elastic Security 8.12.
  |  By Elastic
Join us for an insightful journey as we unpack the advantages of Generative AI, how Elasticians utilize it in their daily roles, and the future of it in Cybersecurity.
  |  By Elastic
Cybersecurity is evolving. Protection needs to be dynamic. Investigation… faster. An effective response requires accurate context. Modernizing your security operations with Elastic extends security visibility, uncovers potential threats, and integrates with existing security systems — for a swift and proactive response. Everything you need on one open and unified platform, built for the hybrid cloud. Elastic Security empowers your business to achieve more even in the most complex digital environments.
  |  By Elastic
It’s the perfect pairing of your private data with generative AI (GAI) and large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. With Elastic, the possibilities are endless for more human, intuitive ways to serve up key information for your customers and teams — all while safeguarding the privacy of all your data.
  |  By Elastic
Get a look at the power of Elasticsearch and generative AI (GAI) in action — always putting privacy first and safeguarding your proprietary data. Several examples show off the art of the possible, with intuitive, personalized results you can’t achieve with just publicly available data.
  |  By Elastic
Over 24% of organizations run more than 1,000 containers at a time. This begs the question: Are your containers as protected as they should be? Learn how one of Elastic's new capabilities: cloud security posture management can help you modernize your cloud security operations.
  |  By Elastic
Root cause analysis plays an important role in web applications, IT operations, security, and industrial OT. This video series explains general approaches to root cause analysis and how Elastic accelerates the process with visualizations and dashboards, machine learning to detect anomalies and classify conditions, and interactive tools that empower analysts to drill into additional information that lead to root cause of potential system issues and security incidents.
  |  By Elastic
In Q4 of 2022 there were more than 6,000 new CVE Records published. This begs the question: how susceptible are you to the latest vulnerabilities? Learn how one of Elastic’s new capabilities: cloud security posture management can help you modernize your cloud security operations.
  |  By Elastic
99% of cloud failures are due to mistakes like misconfiguration. This begs the question: Are your cloud workloads configured correctly? Learn how cloud security posture management, one of Elastic’s new capabilities, can help you modernize your cloud security operations.
  |  By Elastic
95% of workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms by 2025. This begs the question: are your cloud workloads truly secure? Learn how cloud workload protection, one of Elastic’s new capabilities, can help you modernize your cloud security operations.

Elastic is the world's leading software provider for making structured and unstructured data usable in real time for search, logging, security, and analytics use cases. Built on an open source foundation, the Elastic Stack lets you reliably and securely take data from any source, in any format, and search, analyze, and visualize it in real time.

The Elastic Stack:

  • Kibana gives shape to your data and is the extensible user interface for configuring and managing all aspects of the Elastic Stack.
  • Elasticsearch is a distributed, JSON-based search and analytics engine designed for horizontal scalability, maximum reliability, and easy management.
  • Beats is a platform for lightweight shippers that send data from edge machines to Logstash and Elasticsearch.
  • Logstash is a dynamic data collection pipeline with an extensible plugin ecosystem and strong Elasticsearch synergy.

Founded in 2012 by the people behind the Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash open source projects, Elastic's global community has more than 80,000 members across 45 countries. Since its initial release, Elastic's products have achieved more than 100 million cumulative downloads.