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CISO advice - building a comprehensive secrets management program

Jason Haddix is the CISO of BuddoBot and former CISO/Head of Security at UbiSoft. In this clip Jason explores why a comprehensive secrets management program is absolutely vital for a organizations. He walks us through his 4 step secrtes management plan he has rolled out to Detect, Prevent, Respond and Educate. Today Jason puts together his cyber leadership skills with his penetration testing background as the CISO of BuddoBot, a world class red team as a service organization that is designed to emulate and prepare your organization for real world attacks.

Lessons from Lapsus - CISO on Building a comprehensive secrets management program

Following a breach by the Lapsus$ cyber gang, Jason Haddix, then CISO of UbiSoft called over 40 other CISOs to discuss strategies on how to be more resilient to attacks. Those conversations led him to create a 4 step guide to building a comprehensive secrets management program.


CISO Matters: Rise of the Machines - A CISO's Perspective on Generative AI

Humans have been interacting with a version of AI through voice assistants, facial recognition software and phone photo apps for years. AI’s progress in the last few months, however, has been nothing less than mind-blowing. With its new enhanced capabilities, a meteoric rise in AI’s popularity ensued, and the recent new generative AI services are quickly becoming essential tools for users of all kinds.


CISO Backgrounds and Considerations for 2023

The CISO role has evolved in recent years. CISO’s don’t come just from technical and security backgrounds anymore. Each organization has their own distinct vision for how to solve their security needs whether they are customer, regulatory, or industry driven. I started out my career as an external auditor, with the goal of becoming a CFO.


CISO Health and Wellness: An Unconventional Solution to a Systemic Challenge

At a swanky steak house on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, I sat with 100 other security professionals in a dimly lit wood-panelled room, its walls lined with photographs of famous and near-famous patrons. Nearly all of us were at least one cocktail into our evening of high gustation, storytelling, and network building. (Old Fashioneds were the drink of choice that evening).


From reactive to proactive: Leveraging vCISO solutions to elevate managed security services

The cybersecurity landscape is becoming increasingly complex and challenging for businesses of all sizes. As an MSP, you're well aware of the growing demand for comprehensive security and compliance solutions. With the right tools and strategies in place, you can help your clients navigate this complex landscape while unlocking new revenue streams for your business.