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Banking Fraud 2024: Key Risks and Strategies for Prevention

As we navigate through 2024, banking fraud continues to evolve, presenting new challenges for financial institutions. Driven by advancements in technology and changing economic conditions, these threats require banks to stay vigilant and adopt robust strategies to protect themselves and their customers.

Predicting the Future of AI in Identity and Access Management

In the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a critical pillar, safeguarding organizational data and access across different enterprise systems and platforms. As the head of CyberArk’s Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (AI CoE), I’m witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in this domain.

The Growing Threat of Identity-Related Cyberattacks: Insights Into the Threat Landscape

The last 12 months have witnessed a rapid-fire round of innovation and adoption of new technologies. Powerful new identities, environments and attack methods are shaping the quickly changing cybersecurity threat landscape, rendering it more complex and causing the diffusion of risk reduction focus. New CyberArk research indicates that the rise of machine identities and the increasing reliance on third- and fourth-party providers are deepening the existing threats and creating novel vulnerabilities.

CIO POV: Navigating the Deepfake Pandemic with Proactive Measures

We’re in the throes of another pandemic, but this time, it’s not transmitted through the air – it spreads with just a click. Welcome to the world of deepfakes. While COVID-19 significantly impacted our physical and mental well-being, deepfakes affect our minds differently. Their influence is causing confusion, mistrust and a distorted perception of reality, both personally and globally.

CyberArk at 25: Udi Mokady on Milestones, Identity Security and Humility

Let’s head back for a moment to when some of us were partying like it’s 1999, in 1999. Among that year’s notable milestones were the release of The Matrix, the introduction of the euro – and the impending clock turn to 2000 (aka Y2K), which propelled prophylactic tech upgrades far and wide. Simpler times – at least in retrospect.

EP 52 - Built to Last: CyberArk's 25-Year Innovation Evolution w/ Founder and Executive Chairman Udi Mokady

In this episode of the Trust Issues podcast, host David Puner interviews CyberArk Founder and Executive Chairman Udi Mokady on the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary. They discuss that milestone and reflect on CyberArk’s growth to becoming the global leader in identity security and the ever-evolving threat landscape – and how the company has scaled to meet it. Udi shares his insights on the company’s culture, values, philosophies and lessons he has learned.

Travel Fraud Alert: Protecting Your Customers Online

Travel fraud is a growing concern within the industry, posing significant challenges to businesses and consumers alike. As travel becomes increasingly digital, the opportunities for fraudsters to exploit online transactions and reservations have also expanded. Research from global Edgar, Dunn & Company, on behalf of eNett, said in total, fraud costs the travel industry over $21 billion dollars annually, including $6 billion dollars in damages and $15 billion in overheads.

What's an Identity Provider (IdP)?

You could have the strongest firewalls, encryption, anti-malware, vulnerability scanners, and risk management tools in the world and still leave one critical gap in your cybersecurity infrastructure — insider threats. And most of those threats come from poor identity management. But what, exactly, is good identity management? How do you pick the right identity provider for your organization?