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Useful Questions To Navigate the TIP Vendor Landscape

In today's escalating threat landscape, Security Operations Center (SOC) teams face a constant cat and mouse battle against adversaries as they try to stay one step ahead. This situation isn't helped by the fragmented tools; multiple data feeds and data siloes they must contend with. Likewise, with so many security vendors out there with different approaches and solutions, how do they know what cybersecurity solutions they should be investing in?

Automate Non-Human Identity Security and Management with Torq and Astrix

Organizations’ zero-trust policies and identity-centric programs ensure that user identities and login credentials are vigorously protected with IAM policies and security tools like MFA or IP restrictions. However, the situation is very different regarding non-human identities (NHI) like API keys, OAuth apps, service accounts, and secrets. Lack of visibility, monitoring, and governance of this permissive access is everywhere, and attackers have figured it out.

How Torq Hyperautomation Simplifies Phishing Analysis for SOC Teams

2023 went down in history as the worst year for phishing attacks on record, with nearly 35 million attempted business email compromise (BEC) attacks detected and investigated, according to the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Cyber Signals report. Unfortunately, phishing analysis is one of the most time-consuming tasks for the SOC. Responding to a phishing incident requires careful examination.

o9 Solutions: Optimizing Security Operations with Elastic

O9 Solutions leverages Elastic for both Observability and Security Operations Center (SOC) purposes. Initially employed for performance monitoring, Elastic's integration with O9's security stack has provided comprehensive visibility into potential threats and anomalies within their environment. This integration extends across various platforms such as Google, AWS, Active Directory, WEF, and HDR, enabling correlation and consolidated dashboard views for decision-making.

Chat With a CISO (CWAC): Chat 1 - Lianne Potter: Breaking Down The World of SecOps

Join us as we chat with Lianne Potter about the world of SecOps, cover a unique perspective on cyber security and look at how to break into the industry. In our latest episode, we chat with Lianne Potter, Head of Security Operations at Asda. Join us as we explore Leanne's cybersecurity journey and her insights on industry changes. Discover a fresh perspective from Lianne on breaking into this challenging field. Tune in for expert advice and innovative perspectives in the dynamic world of cyber security.

Tanium Delivers Powerful Solutions Powered by ServiceNow that Reduce Cost and Risk for Customers

Together, Tanium's award-winning XEM platform and ServiceNow's AI platform for digital business capabilities will integrate to revolutionize IT and security operations, allowing customers to maximize their ServiceNow investment.

An Introduction to SOC Automation

The security operations center, or SOC, is the backbone of modern security operations. By centralizing security monitoring, detection, and response, SOCs help organizations manage security risks more efficiently and effectively. But simply setting up a SOC doesn’t guarantee optimal security workflows. To get the very most from your SOC, you must automate its operations as much as possible.

How to Set Up a Security Operations Centre In 5 Steps

The benefits of a security operations centre (SOC) are most obvious when you don't have one. For example, imagine it’s 3 am on a Saturday morning and a hacker breaks into your organisation's systems. There’s no one to detect the intrusion and no one to deal with it either. In fact, it’s not until a member of your sales team notices they are locked out of the network on Monday morning that anyone even knows there is something wrong. After that, things start happening very fast.

The Howler - Episode 8: Andrew Burback, Chief Information Office & SVP of Operations

In this episode, our hosts sit down with Andrew Burback, Chief Information Office & SVP of Operations, as he shares about his journey from accounting to sales operations & IT, his leadership philosophy rooted in his trust of his team, as well as his love for Subway and his go-to sandwich order!