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SASE for Retail: Growing the Bottom Line

Retail and hospitality businesses prioritize delivering exceptional customer service and growing revenue. Just as their mission relies on a service-oriented staff and quality products, it also requires secure and reliable connectivity. A high performing and secure network enables retailers to offer consistent and positive consumer interactions across online and physical stores around the world.

Cato CTRL Issues New SASE Threat Report

Threat actors are always evolving. Whether it is nation-state actors, cybercrime groups, ransomware gangs, or niche teams targeting specific systems – new tools, techniques, and procedures are constantly introduced by attackers. Stopping those threats is challenging in large part because Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) remains fragmented.

How a Private Cloud Approach to SASE Helped Reduce Disruption From a Severed Sub-sea Cable

It feels like sub-sea cable disruptions are becoming ever more common, with recent reports of major outages caused by severed cables in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the North Sea, and—most recently—off the coast of Africa.
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Network Security Gets Sassy: The Benefits of Unified SASE for the Modern Business

Modern businesses looking to thrive in today's digital era are increasingly seeking technologies that enable faster and more secure connectivity across their global organization. Not only to successfully deliver digital transformation initiatives but also operational efficiencies and cost savings and to support knowledge workers who are either hybrid or fully remote working. As a result, this is driving demand for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions.

Unlock the Power of Next Gen SASE Branch with IoT/OT Device Intelligence Integrated in Unified SASE Gateway

Imagine a future where office coffee machines autonomously order beans, and both comfort and energy efficiency are effortlessly managed through smart lighting and temperature controls, alongside smart factories leveraging robotic arms for optimal production. With the internet of things (IoT) market expected to reach 55.7 billion devices by 2025, as predicted by IDC, this potential future brings thrilling opportunities and serious challenges.

Using Insight to Seize the SASE Opportunity

In today’s hybrid working environment, the software as a service (SaaS) apps employees use, and security service edge (SSE) solutions organizations use to secure it are dynamic and distributed. You sometimes need to deal with complex user experience issues without clear visibility into where they originate. Let’s take a look at some increasingly common situations and explore some proven ways IT leaders are regaining control.