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Insider Threats

The latest News and Information on Insider Threats including employee monitoring and data privacy.

The Top 8 Endpoint DLP Solutions in 2024

Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions are critical tools for organizations looking to safeguard sensitive information from insider threats, unintentional leaks, and external attacks. These solutions monitor, detect, and block the transfer of valuable data outside company networks, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. In this post, we’ll explore the top eight endpoint DLP solutions that offer robust security features, ease of use, and integration capabilities.

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Monitoring Software

Did you know that 80% of employees feel more productive when they know their activities are being monitored? Employee monitoring tools offer benefits beyond oversight, fostering accountability and boosting efficiency. In this post, we delve into the world of employee monitoring, exploring its advantages for both employers and employees. From enhancing productivity to ensuring data security, these tools play a crucial role in today's digital work landscape. Stay tuned to discover how employee monitoring can revolutionize your workplace dynamics.

Insider Threats Maintain a Rising Trend

“When the cat’s away, the mouse will play,” the old adage goes. Filings to anti-fraud non-profit Cifas would support that claim, as Insider Threat Database (ITD) reports rose by 14% this past year and are largely attributable to hard-to-monitor work-from-home employees mixed with “increasing financial pressures.” The report details further incidents of dishonest behavior as recorded this year by the UK’s National Fraud Database (NFD).

Software to Track and Block USB Ports on Windows XP

To help you keep legacy systems protected against the dangers of USB devices, CurrentWare now offers a dedicated version of its USB blocker AccessPatrol for Windows XP, allowing you to easily monitor and block USB ports on Windows XP. With AccessPatrol USB port blocker for Windows XP you can create an “allowed list” of authorized USB devices, grant different access levels (read-only, full access, or no access), and get insights into file transfers to portable storage devices.

Business Email Compromise Attacks: How To Prevent & Recover

Imagine receiving a work email from your finance department asking about an overdue invoice. You notice it has a few extra typos and uses strange language, so disregarding it as junk. What you don’t know is that your very busy coworker receives the same email at the same time. Because they’re more distracted than normal, they respond, unknowingly aiding with a business email compromise (BEC) attack.

Top 4 Network Security Risks

Network security integrates different processes, devices, and technologies into a broad plan that safeguards your computer networks' integrity, accessibility, and confidentiality. It keeps your networking infrastructure safe from malicious acts like manipulation and unauthorized access. Network security risks allow malicious actors to cause significant damage to your network while exposing your company's sensitive data. Discussed below are the top four network security risks.

Harnessing Telemetry Data: Strategies for Success

Are you leveraging every piece of data to protect your network? Telemetry data is the automated process of collecting and sending data from remote points to an IT system for monitoring and analysis. Telemetry empowers companies to detect anomalies, predict potential breaches, and respond to threats faster.

Code42 Incydr: Features, Pros, Cons & Alternatives

With the rise of remote work and the increasing prevalence of cyberthreats, companies actively seek robust solutions to safeguard their valuable data assets. One solution that has gained traction recently is Code 42 Incydr, a data risk detection and response platform. Incydr is a SaaS solution that combines data loss prevention (DLP), cloud access security broker (CASB), and user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) capabilities into a single platform.

Insider Threat vs. Insider Risk: What's the Difference?

Cybersecurity issues more commonly arise from insider activity than outside activity. Of course, attacks by external threat actors still occur, but insider incidents cause most data breaches and leaks. Often, insider threat and insider risk are used interchangeably to describe cybersecurity risks posed by people with inside knowledge of a company.