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Enhancing Financial Security Through Behavioral Biometrics

The evolution of tech necessitates stronger cybersecurity. Financial information is appealing to hackers trying to steal identities and commit fraud. These bad actors are evolving with tech to figure out ways to bypass the increasingly robust cybersecurity measures.

Cloud Security Regulations in Financial Services

As the financial sector continues to adopt cloud technology, regulatory frameworks such as the updated NIS2 Directive and the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) are shaping the cybersecurity landscape. Every second counts in such a complex environment: attackers can move quickly in the cloud, so defenders must change their strategies and tools to keep up. The financial sector has always been a prime target for cyber attacks, with the average breach costing almost 6 million US dollars.

Empower Your Finances: Key Tips for Securing Digital Lending Platforms

Securing your digital lending platform has never been more critical in an era where cyber threats are as common as morning coffee. You can't afford to overlook cybersecurity. It's time to take charge, beef up your security measures, and protect your platform loan application process. Unravel the key strategies you must implement, from multi-factor authentication on mobile apps to regular security audits. Stay ahead of the curve and fortify your digital fortress now.

Many industries could benefit from the advantages of blockchain

Blockchain technology has been a subject of discussion for some quite already but now has begun to be used in several industries, as it brings plenty of advantages. The widespread use of blockchain has happened due to the extraordinary features that can potentially solve numerous complications businesses face in their operations.

Securitize integrates Fireblocks to improve its security in the tokenization of real-world assets

The financial industry is making new moves, with tokenization projects coming to light to bring traditional assets into the public blockchains and increasing their distribution and liquidity. The trend gained momentum with the issuance of bonds and other funds in the last 12 months.

Ensuring Cyber Security for Your Forex Trading

The foreign exchange market is full of ups and downs, making it exciting but risky. And it's not just the market swings you need to watch out for; cyber threats are a genuine concern, too. As technology gets smarter, so do the risks, but thankfully, the ways to protect ourselves are getting better as well.

Emerging Threats: What's New in the Cybersecurity Landscape?

In a time where sensitive information is increasingly moving online, AI systems are developing and we are increasingly relying on the internet in our day-to-day activities, cybersecurity threats loom larger than ever. A recent study found that cyber attacks are escalating at an unprecedented rate, with a new attack now occurring every 39 seconds. While a startling statistic, this shouldn't come as a surprise, in 2024 just about everyone is inundated with hacking attempts and scams whether the attack is a phone call, text, email or malicious software.