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Access Management

User Access Review Template (with download)

“Your entire company network was compromised, all through a single login.” That’s the reality of an employee single sign-on (SSO) breach nightmare. Hackers create fake SSO login pages in order to steal employee credentials, which can literally give them “the keys to the kingdom” – access to the most sensitive data of the organization. From a disgruntled ex-employee to a compromised user, it can become a devastating security hole. It happens more than you think.

One Identity chosen as a leading IGA vendor for SAP transition

Larry Chinski, One Identity VP of Corporate Strategy, announces that One Identity was chosen as a leading vendor for SAP’s IGA customers, following SAP’s announcement of the end-of-life for SAP Identity Manager. One Identity Manager was selected as the IGA replacement solution for SAP customers due to its well-established market presence and robust SAP solutions support.

The dangers of enterprise attack surface expansion: Lessons from 5 major breaches

Enterprise attack surface expansion has become a focal point for IT security teams. The relentless pursuit of securing every endpoint and countering new threats with the latest technology is not just costly; it's also unsustainable. Despite these efforts, breaches continue to occur, often through new or unorthodox attack vectors that bypass traditional perimeter defenses.

Leading the charge: One Identity's 2024 recognitions and market leadership

Larry Chinski, One Identity VP of Corporate Strategy, announces two prestigious recognitions One Identity has received in 2024. As the market shifts towards a holistic approach to cybersecurity, consolidating fragmented cybersecurity silos is top-of-mind for many organizations, and One Identity is proud to be leading the charge.

One Identity named leader in 2024 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass

Larry Chinski, One Identity VP of Corporate Strategy, explains why One Identity has been recognized as a leader in the 2024 KuppingerCole Identity Fabrics Leadership Compass. This validates that One Identity’s functional convergence and integration of privileged access management, access management, identity governance and administration and Active Directory management is setting the standard in the market.

Data breach vigilantes: CIAM and IGA for customer data protection

In today's digital battleground, it seems like a week doesn’t go by where we don’t hear about some kind of data breach involving identity security. It's easy to become desensitized to the constant stream of identity security compromises. Yet, beneath the surface, a silent war is waged against the very essence of our online identities. Each breach is a battle fought on the front lines of cybersecurity.

Identity and Access Management Assessment: Key Features

Choosing the right identity and access management (IAM) solution is an important task. Organizations need to properly manage user accounts and other identities and ensure they have exactly the appropriate access to data, applications and other resources. After all, if users do not have all the rights they need, they cannot do their jobs and business processes suffer.