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Manage Auditing and Security Log Configuration

Security logging and auditing in a Windows environment refers to the process of systematically recording events and activities that occur within the operating system. These audit records are stored in the security log, a component of the Windows Event Viewer. Manage auditing and security log setting grants specific users or groups the authority to configure auditing policies and manage security logs.

[Downloadable Template] How to audit your outdated security processes

As your business grows, there are new demands of the security team, like adding additional compliance frameworks, more security questionnaires, or new, advanced requirements from large enterprise customers. ‍ While this growth is exciting, it also comes with growing pains — like outgrowing your existing security processes.

Security auditing web apps? Here's your checklist for a successful pen test.

A penetration test is a sanctioned assault on your organization’s electronic assets and data. If the attack is repelled, you win. If the attack successfully breaches your defenses, technically you also win – as you’ve now got the chance to fix those vulnerabilities before a real attacker tries their luck. Given the complexity of a modern enterprise, a pen test can evaluate a wide range of assets, networks, systems, and apps on premises, mobile, and in the cloud.

Chief Audit Executives: Job Description, Responsibilities & More

Any business or service provider looking to work with the federal government or one of its departments or agencies is going to need to comply with one of the security frameworks as appropriate for their role, usually something like CMMC, FedRAMP, or HITRUST. A key part of these security frameworks is verification and validation that security measures are in place and that continuous monitoring is effective.

Audit Log Best Practices For Information Security

Audit logs are essential for ensuring the security of an organization’s information systems. They track all events that occur within a system, including log-on attempts, file access, network connection, and other crucial operations. Should But, without proper management, audit logs are mostly a wasted opportunity – nothing more than scraps of data whose importance and potential are never harnessed.

How to Avoid 'Execute as Admin' Deficiencies on Audit

Most customers come to Netwrix in anticipation of going public or in preparation for audit after an IPO. Recently, however, an increasing number of public companies are purchasing our products after failing an audit or receiving a warning of material deficiencies. The good news is that, in all cases, the main challenges are entirely avoidable without a great deal of work.