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Advanced suite of risk management capabilities enables seamless discovery and mitigation of threats across applications, data loss or exposure, and human error.
  |  By Sam Rhea
Gartner has once again named Cloudflare to the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge (SSE) report1. We are excited to share that Cloudflare is one of only ten vendors recognized in this report. For the second year in a row, we are recognized for our ability to execute and the completeness of our vision. You can read more about our position in the report here.
  |  By Pete Pang
In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, a subtle yet potent form of phishing has emerged — quishing, short for QR phishing. It has been 30 years since the invention of QR codes, yet quishing still poses a significant risk, especially after the era of COVID, when QR codes became the norm to check statuses, register for events, and even order food.
  |  By Omer Yoachimik
Welcome to the 17th edition of Cloudflare’s DDoS threat report. This edition covers the DDoS threat landscape along with key findings as observed from the Cloudflare network during the first quarter of 2024.
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Cloudflare onboards enterprises under attack through Booz Allen collaboration, a fast track to Cloudflare's industry-leading Incident Response and DDoS mitigation.
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Makes Workers AI and Hugging Face integration generally available; deploying serverless AI is now easier and more affordable than ever.
  |  By João Tomé
You're browsing your inbox and spot an email that looks like it's from a brand you trust. Yet, something feels off. This might be a phishing attempt, a common tactic where cybercriminals impersonate reputable entities — we've written about the top 50 most impersonated brands used in phishing attacks. One factor that can be used to help evaluate the email's legitimacy is its Top-Level Domain (TLD) — the part of the email address that comes after the dot.
  |  By Celso Martinho
Since the discovery of CRIME, BREACH, TIME, LUCKY-13 etc., length-based side-channel attacks have been considered practical. Even though packets were encrypted, attackers were able to infer information about the underlying plaintext by analyzing metadata like the packet length or timing information. Cloudflare was recently contacted by a group of researchers at Ben Gurion University who wrote a paper titled “What Was Your Prompt?
  |  By Daniele Molteni
The next 12 months have the potential to reshape the global political landscape with elections occurring in more than 80 nations, in 2024, while new technologies, such as AI, capture our imagination and pose new security challenges. Against this backdrop, the role of CISOs has never been more important. Grant Bourzikas, Cloudflare’s Chief Security Officer, shared his views on what the biggest challenges currently facing the security industry are in the Security Week opening blog.
  |  By Ankur Aggarwal
Cloudflare Gateway, our secure web gateway (SWG), now supports the detection, logging, and filtering of network protocols regardless of their source or destination port. Protocol detection makes it easier to set precise policies without having to rely on the well known port and without the risk of over/under-filtering activity that could disrupt your users’ work. For example, you can filter all SSH traffic on your network by simply choosing the protocol.
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This week, host João Tomé heads to San Francisco for the cybersecurity RSA Conference (May 6-9, 2024). First, we gather insights from attendees, ranging from a cybersecurity student on the brink of graduation to seasoned managers and experts. We also feature Cloudflare’s Chief Privacy Officer discussing the nexus of security and privacy. Plus, insights from Carlos Alberto Silva, a Portuguese venture capitalist with extensive experience in cybersecurity investments.
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Dani Grant, co-founder of, talks about her company, how they are trying to fix the bug process for developers, and also discusses how uses Cloudflare. We also go over what a better internet for the future looks like, and the challenges and opportunities in the AI era.
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We were at the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week, hearing different perspectives on the security landscape in 2024. Here's a teaser of some of the things we heard.
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"This Week in NET". Episode #59 Host João Tomé (based in Lisbon, Portugal) is joined by our Head of Data Insights, David Belson, based in Boston. We discuss our recent Q1 2024 Internet disruption summary blog post. There were submarine cable failures that impacted 13 countries in Africa. We also address technical issues with RPKI, DNS, and DNSSEC that disrupted connectivity for subscribers across multiple network providers.
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Today, IT teams need to securely connect everyone and everything everywhere. But the cloud, SaaS, Internet, and on-prem domains are intrinsically different and painfully disconnected. Visibility and control get harder, and the tools used to tame the complexity just add more complexity.
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Cloudflare was named in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge. Here are a few highlights from the team in 4 minutes or so.
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In this week's episode, we discuss different topics from blogs that we published in the previous couple of weeks, right after our Developer Week 2024. Host João Tomé is joined by our Field CTO, Trey Guinn, based in San Francisco. We discuss our most recent DDoS threat report for Q1 2024, highlighting the continued increase in DDoS attacks and emerging trends. Additionally, we address Cloudflare's efforts to ensure our customers aren't affected by Let's Encrypt's certificate chain change, emphasizing the importance of certificates.
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Discover the latest data on cybersecurity preparedness in Asia Pacific. We reveal how organizations are coping with the rising volumes of cybersecurity incidents.
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"This Week in NET" episode #55 features our CTO John Graham-Cumming, in a segment called "Let's //Get\ Technical". Topics include: randomness, attacks on AI, and undersea cable failures in Africa.
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Top 3 #TrendingStories from #theNET! Read these and other Internet insights at

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This whitepaper discusses the many challenges that DNS providers and users face including massive cyber attacks as well as performance and reliability issues, and how Cloudflare can help resolve these challenges, ensuring business continuity.
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Strategies for preventing data breaches, shadow APIs, abuse, and other common challenges.
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Organizations are facing economic uncertainty as the outlook grows more unpredictable. This uncertainty - often exemplified by shrinking budgets - puts pressure on CIOs and technical leaders to find new paths forward.
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Learn how Cloudflare is able to stop some of the most sophisticated DDoS attacks.
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Growing a startup requires delivering excellent online experiences. In this guide, we share tips to help startups create the kind of high-performing, reliable, and secure websites and applications needed to do so.
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This whitepaper discusses the growth of large scale DDoS attacks, how these attacks target as well as leverage DNS provider infrastructures, and how Cloudflare can help protect your business against the impact of such massive attacks.

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Cloudflare protects and accelerates any Internet application online without adding hardware, installing software, or changing a line of code. Internet properties powered by Cloudflare have all traffic routed through its intelligent global network, which gets smarter with each new site added. As a result, they see significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and other attacks.

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