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Asset Management

Top 11 Digital Asset Protection Methods for 2024

In a world that’s gone digital, it’s no surprise that so have our assets. Protecting digital assets is crucial to maintaining an organization’s operations and revenues, whether it’s sensitive personal identifiable information (PII), business data, or intellectual property. Online threats rapidly evolve to employ complex counterfeiting and spoofing of digital assets and new means to break down the software gates they hide behind.

How To Spot Typosquatting Domains Using Asset Discovery Tools

There’s a seemingly endless list of cybersecurity threats facing organisations today. Among these threats, typosquatting stands out as a deceptive practice used by threat actors to exploit user errors in typing website addresses. To combat this growing menace, asset discovery tools play a crucial role in identifying and mitigating the risks associated with malicious typosquatting domains.

Online Tutoring - A Key Tool for Building Your Future in IT Asset Management

In the swiftly evolving realm of information technology, IT Asset Management (ITAM) stands out as a critical discipline, ensuring that an organization's assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded, and disposed of responsibly. As businesses increasingly rely on technology, the demand for skilled IT asset managers skyrockets. However, acquiring the specialized skills necessary for ITAM can be challenging through traditional education paths. This is where online tutoring bridges the gap, offering targeted, flexible, and comprehensive learning opportunities not readily available elsewhere.

ITAM & CMDB - EXPRESS - ServiceNow Integration - Tanium Tech Talks #85

See how Tanium can feed your ServiceNow CMDB with fresh asset inventory on today's Tanium Tech Talk. We're going to start at the beginning with asset data: hardware, software, usage, and more. Many Tanium customers update their ServiceNow CMDB multiple times per day to enjoy the benefits of accurate and timely asset data.

IT Asset Management vs. Device Management

Devices are the gateways to our work, and IT professionals understand the importance of managing and securing endpoints as part of a holistic identity and access management (IAM) strategy. Yet, it’s impossible to control what you aren’t aware of. Shadow IT, the unauthorized use of devices, apps, and services that people use to perform their jobs, can bypass even the best security programs.

JumpCloud Acquires Resmo for Integrated Asset Management

JumpCloud has acquired Resmo, an asset management and SaaS security solution, to provide customers a unified solution of SaaS, IT security, and asset management that empowers them to eliminate shadow IT and gain full visibility into all apps and cloud infrastructure in an all-in-one solution. The inclusion of Resmo’s technologies will enhance JumpCloud’s ability to help customers deliver secure and streamlined user provisioning, access request management, and utilization monitoring.