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File Sharing

Best Practices for File Sharing in Hybrid Work Environments

The move to hybrid work environments came suddenly for some organizations, while for others, it had been building incrementally. Regardless of how it happened, few came to it with a strategic plan for how IT would handle it. The result has been myriad challenges that span the physical and digital. On the digital front, one of the biggest challenges is related to secure file sharing.

How Egnyte Enables Secure File Sharing and Collaboration for CROs

‍ As a contract research organization (CRO), your greatest responsibility is to be a reliable partner to the sponsor in executing a clinical trial. This can include tasks such as writing the study protocol, collecting and submitting data to the FDA, and monitoring sites throughout the study. To honor that responsibility, a CRO must have the right tools and skills to securely share trial data and collaborate with the sponsor.

Global File Sharing's Future Relies on Partnership and Collaboration

When it comes to the future of global file sharing, customers and vendors of these solutions must work together to develop the ideal solution for each user’s unique needs. Indeed, buyers are often looking for more than the features and benefits of global file systems - they want solutions to their most pressing business problems. How will global file sharing solutions keep up?

Addressing the Invisible Security Problem of Open File Shares

According to a recent survey from the Cloud Security Alliance, cloud issues and misconfigurations remain the leading causes of breaches and outages—and 58% of respondents report concerns about security in the cloud. Their worries are well-founded. Nearly every day, we see examples of a company’s sensitive data spilling out of leaky clouds.

Modernize and Migrate to Egnyte to Replace Your Windows File Server

For decades, Microsoft’s Windows Server has been a mainstay for businesses of all sizes, most notably as a file server. However, as companies adapt to remote work, increasing cyber threats, and growing data privacy regulation, many are considering shifting their Windows file server to the cloud—or replacing it altogether. Egnyte is a great fit for companies looking to migrate their Windows file server to a modern platform designed for the new way of work.

Simplify File Sharing with Egnyte's Outlook Integration

If Microsoft Outlook is your preferred email application, we’ve got some good news for you. We recently released a new integration that simplifies file sharing for both web and desktop versions of Outlook. Without leaving the Outlook interface, Egnyte users can now: You no longer have to add bulky attachments to your emails, which makes it easier to share files with people beyond your corporate network.

Preqin Moves to Secure Cloud File Sharing with Egnyte

London-based Preqin is an industry leading alternative asset research firm. With a dispersed global workforce, Preqin struggled with data access challenges from their aging local file servers. In this video, learn how Preqin leveraged Egnyte to support its new cloud-first strategy. Access from anywhere, backup and restore capabilities, secure file access and auditing were key reasons that Egnyte was selected. The company can now respond easily to Subject Access Requests (SARs) thanks to automated PII detection. Operational overhead for managing servers and manual backups and restores are a thing of the past, resulting in tremendous time savings.

Cloud File Sharing for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Overview

In this video, Director of MSP Community and Enablement, Eric Anthony, gives an overview of Egnyte and how you can tailor our cloud file sharing tool to the needs of your clients. As a Managed Service Provider or MSP, referring your clients to resources that best fit their needs is imperative to fostering a long-term working relationship. At Egnyte, we give you the support you need to help your clients make informed decisions to keep collaboration simple, adhere to industry-specific regulations, and most importantly, keep their data secure.