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Microsoft 365


Discovering and Managing Sensitive Information in Microsoft Repositories

If you use Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, or Exchange Online to store and share your business content, you may be wondering how to protect it from unauthorized access, data breaches, or compliance violations. That's where Egnyte comes in. As a source-agnostic data governance and collaboration solution, Egnyte integrates with Microsoft Office Online, Office Mobile, and SharePoint Online to provide a seamless user experience and powerful workflows for opening, editing, sharing, and securing files.


New "Greatness" Phishing-as-a-Service Tool Aids in Attacks Against Microsoft 365 Customers

This new phishing toolkit is rising in popularity for its effective realism in impersonating not just Microsoft 365, but the victim organization as well. Security researchers at Cisco Talos have identified a new Microsoft 365 toolkit that actually creates a realistic login experience for the victim user, making it more dangerous to organizations.


Data Encryption At Rest vs In Motion in Microsoft 365

Data is the most important resource that a company possesses. Any data loss event can be extremely disruptive, with serious consequences including regulatory fines, major revenue loss, and reputational damage. Data encryption is crucial for any organizations that deal with sensitive data including customer and employee information, payment details, company financials, M&A documents, government and defense data, and more.


Microsoft 365 Security Series - Using Azure Active Directory to secure your Microsoft 365 Installation

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that offers a cloud-based version of its popular software productivity suite, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. In contrast, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that offers a cloud-based version of Active Directory to control identity management and access to virtual resources across an organization.


SharePoint Activity Monitoring: How to Do It and What to Look For

Monitoring SharePoint Server activity is vital to knowing who is accessing your SharePoint sites, services and content and how they’re using your system. Tracking SharePoint performance monitoring metrics can help you identify potential problems in time to stop them from negatively affecting your business. You can also use tracking activity to monitor the adoption and usage rates of SharePoint and determine areas that need improvement.


Octiga Vs Flying Solo with Office 365 Security for MSPs

For someone who interacts with managed service providers daily, I am often asked to highlight the differences between our Office 365 security app Octiga and a SIEM that provides similar functionality OR a Microsoft native tool such as Secure Score. I thought, why not create an informative piece for our users who wish to understand Octiga services better?

Comparing Octiga to Going alone with Office 365

Many of our users compare Octiga Office 365 security app with Microsoft. Being a fan of Microsoft security tools, I want to emphasise that Octiga is not a replacement for Microsoft M365. On the contrary, we manage Office365 security to make its deliverability much easier for super-busy MSPs. Find out how MSPs can make Office 365 multi-client security a piece of cake with Octiga Office 365 security automation as opposed to managing it manually.

CVE-2023-21716: Microsoft Word RCE Vulnerability

In the February 2023 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft fixed a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Word, tracked as CVE-2023-21716. The vulnerability is critical, having a CVSS score of 9.8 out of 10, and could allow an attacker to execute code with the same privileges as the victim through rich text format (RTF) documents.


Best Practice Tips for Better SharePoint Site Security

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most popular platforms for collaboration and content sharing within internal teams and even with external users. Therefore, ensuring SharePoint security is vital to helping your company avoid costly data breaches and business disruptions. This article details the key best practices for protecting your SharePoint sites, whether you are using on-prem SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online version.


SharePoint Security: 8 Most Common Vulnerabilities

Once written off as a failed CMS incapable of generating a significant user base, Microsoft’s SharePoint has continually defied expectations to become one of the most widely-used ECM and Collaboration products ever. It caters to over 200 million users and 250,000 organizations, including 85% of Fortune 500 companies. SharePoint is a user-friendly intranet portal and provides a consolidated center for document sharing, tracking, and overall project management.