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Product Release

Exciting Announcement: Introducing Agentless Proxmox Backup and Recovery in BDRSuite!

We’re excited to announce the availability Proxmox backup and recovery, designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses utilizing Proxmox VE. With BDRSuite, organizations can now seamlessly integrate robust backup and data protection capabilities into their Proxmox environments, ensuring comprehensive data protection a their virtualized Proxmox infrastructure. In this blog, we’ll delve into the recently launched Proxmox backup solution offered by BDRSuite.

From the Desk Of the VP of Product - Delivering on the Promises of SIEM

I’m thrilled to share some incredibly exciting news – Graylog’s v6.0 is officially here! It’s been quite the journey getting to this point, filled with late nights, endless cups of coffee, and an unwavering commitment from our amazing team. As we unveil this latest version, I can’t help but reflect on how far SIEM technology has come over the past two decades. Gone are the days when Intellitactics and NetForensics reigned supreme.

Elevate, Automate, Anticipate: Panoptica's Cutting-Edge Security Solutions Unveiled at RSAC

The RSA Conference 2024 was a landmark event for Panoptica as we unveiled three transformative solutions: Smart CDR, GenAI Dynamic Remediation, and Security Graph Query. These tools work together seamlessly to strengthen your security architecture and ensure readiness against today's complex and evolving threats. Let’s take a look at each of these exciting new capabilities.

Noname Security Platform Updates: 3.30 Release

The latest Noname Security 3.30 update includes a new feature that allows for convenient tracking of attacker IP addresses, as well as improved options for triggering workflows to resolve attacks faster. Additionally, the process of installing Noname Remote Engine on local Kubernetes clusters has been simplified.

Snyk CLI: Introducing Semantic Versioning and release channels

We are pleased to introduce Semantic Versioning and release channels to Snyk CLI from v.1.1291.0 onwards. In this blog post, we will share why we are introducing these changes, what problems these changes solve for our customers, and how our customers can opt-in according to their needs.

New in Veracode Fix: Additional Language Support and Batch Fix

We’re excited to bring you two significant updates to Veracode Fix: our AI-powered security flaw remediation tool. Since we launched Fix nearly a year ago, two requests have dominated our customer feedback: We recently launched a new version of Veracode Scan for VS Code that included Fix (with more IDE’s to follow), which answered some of those requests, and now we’re updating Fix to cover more languages and a new mode that will automatically apply the top-ranked fix.

Snyk Code's autofixing feature, DeepCode AI Fix, just got better

DeepCode AI Fix is an AI-powered feature that provides one-click, security-checked fixes within Snyk Code, a developer-focused, real-time SAST tool. Amongst the first semi-automated, in-IDE security fix features on the market, DeepCode AI Fix’s public beta was announced as part of Snyk Launch in April 2023. It delivered fixes to security issues detected by Snyk Code in real-time, in-line, and within the IDE.

Wallarm's Open Source API Firewall debuts at Blackhat Asia 2024 - Introduces Key New Features & Functionalities

Wallarm introduced its ongoing Open Source API Firewall project to the world at the recently concluded Blackhat Asia 2024 conference in Singapore. The open-source API Firewall by Wallarm is a free, lightweight API Firewall designed to protect REST and GraphQL API endpoints across cloud-native environments using API schema validation. By relying on a positive security model, our API Firewall only allows calls that match a predefined API specification while rejecting everything else.