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What is the MITRE ATT&CK framework?

As a kid, treasure hunts were fun. Someone gave you clues and a map so you could hunt down whatever hidden item they left for you. However, as a security analyst, your incident investigations often have clues but lack a map. An alert fires. You search through your vast collection of log data. You hope to find the next clue while trying to figure out the attacker’s next steps.

What is the MITRE ATT&CK

The MITRE ATT&CK framework provides the cybersecurity community with information on more than 100 threat actor groups and the platforms they target. The data within the framework comes from publicly available cyber threat intelligence and reports and security teams and threat researchers. ATT&CK is available for free to anyone who wants to use it.

Graylog V6 and SOC Prime: Cyber Defense with MITRE Framework Webinar

Insights from Graylog and SOC Prime Join us for an exclusive session where we unveil the integrations between Graylog, a comprehensive log management solution, and SIEM, and SOC Prime’s Platform for collective cyber defense. Discover how integrating these solutions transforms your approach to security, providing a robust foundation for crisis management and resilience against cyber threats.

New Report Shows Phishing Links and Malicious Attachments Are The Top Entry Points of Cyber Attacks

New TTP attack data covering 2023 sheds much needed light on the threat actor and user actions that are putting organizations at the most risk. In cybersecurity vendor ReliaQuest’s Annual Cyber-Threat Report: 2024, there is a ton of great detail mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework outlining which threat actions are used and how organizations are most effectively fighting back and stopping attacks.

CrowdStrike a Research Participant in Two Latest Center for Threat-Informed Defense Projects

Organizations worldwide rely on the MITRE ATT&CK framework as a critical resource for defending against cyberattacks. The MITRE ATT&CK framework is also a key tool for advancing threat research in the cybersecurity industry. However, one of the challenges in using the MITRE ATT&CK framework is mapping the output from logs, sensors and other tools as ATT&CK data sources in the framework.

How MITRE Attack Mapping & CIS Control Mapping Fortify Your Network

A correlation between ATT&CK Mitigations and CIS Controls, often termed as a ‘high-level’ mapping, show case the count of mapped ATT&CK (Sub-)Techniques within each ATT&CK Mitigation. Additionally, it provides the total number of ATT&CK (Sub-)Techniques associated with the respective ATT&CK Mitigation. Mitre attack mapping accurately and consistently maps adversary behaviors relevant to ATT&CK techniques as part of cyber threat intelligence (CTI).

How to Use: MITRE ATT&CK Detection Maturity Assessment Tool

Bharath Kashyap helped create a lightweight, programmatic approach to performing a maturity assessment using free MITRE tools (like ATT&CK framework, D3FEND, and MITRE Centre for Threat Informed Defense (CTID)) to provide a starting point for you to understand your organization’s coverage against the framework, identify areas for improvement and prioritize them for implementation. In this video, Bharath walks through a few ways to make the assessment tool work for your organization.

CrowdStrike Participates in Center for Threat-Informed Defense OceanLotus Project, the First Public Adversary Emulation Plan Combining macOS and Linux

The MITRE ATT&CK framework, a key resource for helping organizations defend against cyberattacks, is critical to advancing cybersecurity research. The MITRE Engenuity Center for Threat-Informed Defense’s public library of adversary-specific emulation plans has become a valuable component of the ATT&CK framework. Each plan in the library provides comprehensive ATT&CK tactics and techniques employed by well-known adversaries.

Devo Exchange - MITRE ATT&CK content packs & alerts

With the ever-increasing need for strong threat detection and management activities, more and more organizations are incorporating the MITRE ATT&CK framework into their incident investigation systems. Devo Exchange provides a plethora of MITRE content, and replicates the MITRE ATTA&K Matrix and its comprehensive list of tactics and techniques.