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Q1 2023 Privacy: In for Another Wild Year

2023 started much the same as the year before, with state legislatures producing an impressive list of privacy-related bills in the U.S. Twenty-three states introduced comprehensive privacy legislation, with many more targeted privacy bills being considered as well. Iowa's governor signed the sixth comprehensive privacy law to close out the quarter.


Social Media Privacy: Which Social Platforms Are the Most Secure

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, enabling us to connect with friends, share experiences, and express ourselves. However, with the increasing reliance on social media platforms, concerns about online privacy and data security have also emerged. So which social platforms are private and which ones are not? Are there any more private alternatives to the traditional platforms we all know and use?


Privacy is Power: The Value of Training for Modern Data Protection

We’ve all seen it in the movies: The chief of security declares that no one could ever steal the “Famous Jewel” because it’s protected by thick glass, an impenetrable system of motion-detecting lasers, and, finally, a weight-sensitive sensor. Cut to the next scene, where a thief, dressed in sleek black, zip-lines from an open skylight, shorts the lasers, scores the glass, and with split-second timing, swaps the jewel for a replica of equal weight.


Celebrating Australia's Privacy Awareness Week 2023

When a country throws a privacy party, Cloudflare is there! We are proud to be an official sponsor of the Australian Privacy Awareness Week 2023, and we think this year’s theme of “Privacy 101: Back to Basics” is more important now than ever. In recent months, Australians have been hit with the news of massive personal data privacy breaches where millions of Australian citizens' private and sensitive data was compromised, seemingly easily.

Data Privacy Is Good For Business

With privacy now a top priority for lawmakers and consumers, companies must protect and leverage data for their strategic benefit. Data privacy can be daunting for organizations to spearhead on their own. Thankfully, Protegrity takes the guesswork out of complying with regulations, protecting personal information, and analyzing data for trends and AI-driven initiatives.

What is a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is a statement that companies have on their website that informs users about the collection, processing, protection and use of their private data. Users are often prompted to review and accept privacy policies, but many of them don’t read through these policies because they don’t think it’s necessary. It’s important to read through these policies to know what information is being collected and how it’s being used.

Protegrity: Your Data Privacy Solution

The new age of data protection is here. As businesses work to maintain compliance to develop and improve their globalization efforts, they will need a data protection solution to keep up. The leaders who can transform this threat into opportunity will be positioned to gain market share and overtake their competitors in tomorrow’s global business landscape. De-identify, preserve values, and protect persistently across borders with Protegrity.

Protegrity-Freedom To Innovate-Cross-border Data Privacy

Enterprise Data Protection & Privacy Platform for Cross-Border Compliance Why is protecting your data across borders important? For enterprise leaders, executives, and shareholders responsible for data moving across data flows, building a culture of privacy trust through comprehensive coverage establishes credibility, reliability, and growth.