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Dark Web


The New DarkWeb Forum: ExposedVC Forums

Ever since Pompompurin’s arrest and the shutdown of BreachedForums, threat actors have been looking for a new home to migrate and continue their cybercrime activities, especially the data leakage groups. Although Telegram has become one of the most popular platforms for the cybersecurity community, data leakage groups and other cybercrime sellers still need an underground forum to advertise their services and findings.


How to Get on The Dark Web Safely

Inquisitive minds are curious and seek out new knowledge, asking questions that will receive detailed answers. Anyone who considers themselves inquisitive should avoid the “Dark Web” or approach with extreme caution. The Internet is more complex by the hour, with nearly two billion websites and growing, the average user accesses only about ten percent of this massive resource.


The Rise of the Chinese Dark Web: Deepmix to Chang'an

In 2022 & 2023 Western government agencies have managed to take down multiple prominent dark web forums such as RaidForums in April 2022, BreachedForums in March 2023, and Genesis Marketplace in April 2023. This might make threat actors in the West feel less confident in initiating activities on such monitored platforms and could shift their focus to Chinese-speaking forums.