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Secrets Management

Webinar - Solving the Secrets Management Puzzle

Secrets sprawl is showing no signs of a slowdown. Last month, we revealed 1 in 10 code authors exposed a secret on GitHub in 2022, collectively leaking 10 million secrets (you read that right, T-E-N) on the platform. This time, we're stepping beyond the data. We went on a (virtual) field trip and asked 500+ CISOs and engineering leaders how they currently deal with hardcoded secrets, how they intend to solve their organization's secrets management puzzle, their top priorities and investment areas in AppSec and Dev tooling, and many other questions!

CISO advice - building a comprehensive secrets management program

Jason Haddix is the CISO of BuddoBot and former CISO/Head of Security at UbiSoft. In this clip Jason explores why a comprehensive secrets management program is absolutely vital for a organizations. He walks us through his 4 step secrtes management plan he has rolled out to Detect, Prevent, Respond and Educate. Today Jason puts together his cyber leadership skills with his penetration testing background as the CISO of BuddoBot, a world class red team as a service organization that is designed to emulate and prepare your organization for real world attacks.

Are Your Company Secrets Safe on GitHub? Here's Why You Need to Request a Complimentary Audit

With a large number of developers, it’s highly likely that your company’s secrets are publicly exposed without your knowledge. Request your audit today and take control of your GitHub security perimeter.

Red Hat and CyberArk Develop an Approach To Centralize and Automate Secrets Management

Discover the power of Red Hat and CyberArk as they join forces to revolutionize your security practices. Say goodbye to being controlled by secrets and embrace a centralized, automated approach that guarantees a secure environment without compromising your freedom. Explore the ultimate solution to keep your systems protected while enjoying enhanced flexibility. Watch now and unlock a new era of cybersecurity!

Announcing Cloudflare Secrets Store

We’re excited to announce Secrets Store - Cloudflare’s new secrets management offering! A secrets store does exactly what the name implies - it stores secrets. Secrets are variables that are used by developers that contain sensitive information - information that only authorized users and systems should have access to.

Secrets Detection JFrog Security Workshop

In today's software development world, developers rely on numerous secrets, including API keys, credentials, and passwords to facilitate seamless interaction between application components as they code. Failing to remove these secrets can have disastrous consequences for businesses, making it essential to find and fix them before release.

Secrets Management: Meeting Developers Where They Are

There’s always a balancing act when it comes to building and deploying cloud-native applications in environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS). The whole point of moving production to the cloud is that developers can move faster than ever before, innovating and shipping new features on a daily basis. But that same speed can be an organization’s downfall if development outpaces security processes and accidentally exposes secrets or other credentials to potential attackers.