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Security Best Practices in the Web Development Life Cycle

From the backend developer's perspective, we have learned that addressing security at every phase of the web development life cycle can significantly mitigate risks and protect both data and infrastructure. Here follows a detailed walkthrough of security best practices across the stages of web development, from planning to deployment and maintenance. It is important to work with cybersecurity-minded web developers who take security seriously throughout the web development life cycle.

Elastic Security evolves into the first and only AI-driven security analytics solution

In our previous installation, we discussed the history of security information and event management (SIEM) solutions — from collection to organizational detections and finally to response and orchestration. Now, we are firmly in the SIEM 3.0 revolution and focused on applying generative AI to every applicable process in the security operations center with tremendous success.

5 reasons why observability and security work well together

Site reliability engineers (SREs) and security analysts — despite having very different roles — share a lot of the same goals. They both employ proactive monitoring and incident response strategies to identify and address potential issues before they become service impacting. They also both prioritize organizational stability and resilience, aiming to minimize downtime and disruptions.

How to use Vanta and AWS for logging, monitoring, and IDS

This blog is part of a series about how to use Vanta and AWS to simplify your organization’s cloud security. To learn more about how to use Vanta and AWS, watch our Coffee and Compliance on-demand webinar. ‍ Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is one of the most popular cloud providers for organizations today — providing one of the most flexible and secure cloud environments available.

Firmware Monitoring is Just a Snapshot Away

Any time the television news presents a story about cybersecurity, there is always a video of a large data center with thousands of blinking lights. Even most cybersecurity blogs will include an image of many lights on the front panels of servers, routers, and other hardware. However, most people don’t notice that the lights are usually green or some shade of blue. Rarely are those lights yellow or red, signaling a problem.

Monitor your secure workloads on Kata Containers with Datadog

Kata Containers is an open source project that seeks to enhance security for containers by isolating them in lightweight VMs. Each Kata Container runs with the speed and flexibility of standard containers, and it easily integrates with common container management software—including Docker and Kubernetes.

Modernizing financial services: A deep dive into Elastic Cloud on AWS for Observability, Security, and more

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, data is not just currency; it's the key to innovation and operational excellence. Data is constantly streamlining from devices, logins, transfers, transactions, and much more, and it’s bound to increase with an ongoing reliance on digital channels. This creates a massive opportunity and responsibility for financial institutions, as their customers (and regulators) demand more from banking providers.

The Essential Guide to Data Monitoring

In a world where data is the new currency, understanding and leveraging data monitoring has become indispensable. Data monitoring involves systematically collecting, analyzing, and managing data to uphold its quality, security, and compliance—a critical process in a world where data influences every decision and innovation.

Maximising Efficiency: The Essential Guide to IoT Monitoring in 2024

When it comes to IoT, monitoring is not optional but mandatory for success. This comprehensive guide demystifies IoT monitoring in plain language—learn why it’s essential, which components need your attention, and how to implement it effectively. Prevent costly downtimes, secure your network, and gain unparalleled control over your IoT ecosystem.