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Protecting SAP CUI Exports with HALOCORE

Business-critical applications such as ERP, SCM, CRM, PLM, and others support essential business functions and processes for the world’s largest commercial and government organizations. This includes supply chain, manufacturing, finance, sales and services, and defense. Many businesses in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) utilize SAP in their ERP landscape.

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How to manage SAP user accounts and access rights with Identity Manager

Does your company run SAP applications? If you do, you know how difficult it can be to manage identities. Most of the time, SAP applications are siloed and run completely independently of the rest your IT environment. This makes provisioning users across your SAP and non-SAP platforms a challenge at minimum and at worst, an impossible task. One Identity Manager provides comprehensive certified integration with SAP products.

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Holistic SAP governance through enterprise environment integration

Vertical risk management and complete identity governance can only be achieved through the integration of critical platforms with other systems and applications in use and by either integrating existing point solutions or reducing their number altogether. Integration of an identity platform with SAP is one of those major challenges for many organizations today.


Help Safeguard Your SAP Environment with Splunk Security for SAP Solutions

Even though this blog discusses some serious topics related to security of mission-critical SAP applications, why not start it with a fun trivia question? So, here it is: “What does SAP stand for?” As per the company’s website, SAP is an acronym for the organization’s original German name “Systemanalyse Programmentwicklung,” which stands for System Analysis Program Development in English. Founded in 1972, SAP is a global leader in enterprise application software.


Top 7 Cyber security predictions for 2023

As cyber security threats become more complex and sophisticated, old strategies of dealing with these threats are no longer complete. Security and risk management have become a top priority for organizations. New regulations and laws have been passed to protect consumers’ personal information. Organizations are strengthening their security measures and gearing up to defend themselves against ransomware and supply chain attacks. Given below are some top trends to watch out for in 2023..


How to Secure your Design IP in your PLM environment

The loss of data in any form is detrimental to an organization’s growth. However, the loss of IP in the form of CAD files perhaps is tantamount to ringing the death knell. In the world of manufacturing and high-tech companies the most critical IP, such as details of either mature products or yet-to-be patented prototypes, is represented as constructional drawings typically stored as CAD files. Consider, for example, the case of Apple losing its IP.


10 Data Leaks that Have Cost Fortune 500 Companies a Fortune

As companies grow, they constantly face problems that pose a great risk to it and in some cases the economy itself. With data breaches and data leakages becoming a norm in today’s world, companies are forced to step up to the plate and face the heat. What these companies fail to understand is the fact that there are no exceptions when it comes to malfunctions and insider threats.


As the cost of data breaches soars to an all-time high, what should your company do to guard its precious crown jewels?

No business can survive without data and tons of business data are churned daily. Of all data, intellectual property is at the heart of all business activities and the “Crown Jewels” of the organization. Therefore, to prevent information of an organization from being used for fraudulent activities, hacking, phishing, and identity theft it is important to protect the data.


Jay Thoden Van Velzen: How to prepare your security operations for a multi-cloud future

In our 10th episode of the Future of Security Operations podcast, Thomas speaks to Jay Thoden Van Velzen, Multi-cloud Security Operations Advisor at SAP. Prior to Jay’s current role, Jay scaled the Security Development Operations (SecDevOps) team from five to 25 team members across three continents and five countries and was the Initiative Lead for multiple security improvement programs for multi-cloud across SAP. Topics discussed in this episode.