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Discover 3 Key Benefits of Brivo's API Integrations!

Effortlessly streamline your security tasks, ensuring smooth operations and peace of mind! Tailor your security setup to fit your unique needs, unlocking endless possibilities! Elevate your facility's capabilities while prioritizing safety at every turn! Unlock the power of Brivo's API integrations today and revolutionize your security approach! #Brivo #SecurityIntegration #safetyfirst.

kntrl integrates Open Policy Agent

Addressing the security intricacies of sophisticated automation frameworks, in our case the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) environments, is always challenging. The inherent complexity of such environments, characterized by the multitude of components that are each performing distinct tasks, necessitates a dynamic and adaptable rule engine to ensure the security of our pipelines.

Introducing GitGuardian's Advanced Jira Cloud integration

Speed up your remediation workflow with GitGuardian's new Advanced Jira Cloud integration: Users have already been able to manually open Jira tickets from the incident view in the dashboard. Now, you can configure GitGuardian to create a new Jira ticket to track any needed development efforts. You can also configure the Jira tickets to resolve an incident in GitGuardian when a specific status is reached. It will mark the associated incident as Resolved so you can stay focused on other work.

Streamlining Incident Response: How CrowdStrike Falcon EDR integration enhances threat detection

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, staying ahead requires more than just detection; it demands comprehensive correlation and analysis for informed decision-making. Understanding the context surrounding an alert is important to effectively mitigate risk. That's why we're thrilled to announce the integration of CrowdStrike Falcon EDR with Investigator, part of Corelight’s Open NDR Platform.

ITSM Walkthrough - EXPRESS - ServiceNow Integration - Tanium Tech Talks #86

See how to configure the Tanium integration for powering the ServiceNow service desk experience with real-time visibility and control on today's Tanium Tech Talk. Watch the guided setup, take note of implementation considerations, plan for user permissions, and do more with the info in this video. VIDEOS IN THIS SERIES CHAPTERS.

ITAM & CMDB - EXPRESS - ServiceNow Integration - Tanium Tech Talks #85

See how Tanium can feed your ServiceNow CMDB with fresh asset inventory on today's Tanium Tech Talk. We're going to start at the beginning with asset data: hardware, software, usage, and more. Many Tanium customers update their ServiceNow CMDB multiple times per day to enjoy the benefits of accurate and timely asset data.

Improve File Management in Microsoft Teams with Egnyte Integration

Microsoft Teams has seen a remarkable surge in popularity and usage post-pandemic. With 320 million+ users spanning more than 1 million organizations, it serves as an important tool to keep teams connected and foster productivity. While MS Teams excels in real-time collaboration, conversational channels, online meetings, and video calls, it grapples with file management and accessibility stemming from its inherent design and architecture.