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Data Leaks


Benefits of Data Leak Detection Software

Data is one of an organizations’ most valuable assets, and confidential data must always be protected. Unfortunately, data is also a “slippery” asset – meaning, it ends up in places it shouldn’t be. Criminals pursue it, employees mishandle it, or data “leaks” beyond your enterprise through some other means. To mitigate this risk, organizations turn to data leak detection software as a tool to protect their data.


Pentagon Data Leak Shows the Danger an Insider Threat Presents

U.S. officials confirmed last week that a member of the military photographed and uploaded more than 50 classified documents to a Discord server and other social media sites, again reminding us of the danger insider threats can present to any organization. According to the Associated Press, a member of the U.S. Air National Guard was arrested last week in Massachusetts in connection with the leak.


MSI Must Pay $4 Million Ransom to Stop a 1.5TB Data Leak

MSI is a huge PC parts manufacturer that's responsible for creating laptops, servers, graphics cards, motherboards, peripherals, and more. The company has an annual revenue greater than 6.5 billion USD and is known around the world for being part of the computer world. MSI was supposedly hit by a ransomware attack by a gang known as Money Message, and it's believed that the massive company lost a substantial amount of information as a result of this attack.


Blue Shield of California Suffers a Data Leak Through Vendor Fortra: Over 63,000 Exposed to Breach

Blue Shield of California is one of the largest healthcare providers in the state of California. The health insurance company is nonprofit and delivers insurance to Californians all over the state. Hundreds of thousands of residents rely on the provider for their health insurance, and they trust the company with vast amounts of personal and health information.


Data leak in the Netherlands: What developers should learn from this

Currently, there are a series of data leaks going on in the Netherlands. Blauw, a prominent market research firm in the Netherlands, reported a data leak earlier this week. Blauw offers qualitative market research for companies and events, and works with many big Dutch brands. The current leak of customer data has already resulted in personal data exposure for a substantial number of Dutch consumers.


Employee Rewards Automation: A Case Study of Exposed PII in Power Automate

In recent years, companies have been looking for ways to streamline their HR processes and make them more efficient. In recent years it has become practically feasible for business users such as HR professionals to create their own solutions, due to the wave of citizen development which is exploding worldwide. Huge market players perceive this as a growth area and are heavily investing in providing solutions and platforms to enable business users to build what they need, when they need it.


Postal Prescription Services Customers Have Their Data Exposed

Postal Prescription Services is an Oregon-based mail-order medication business that sends medication to thousands of customers. It began associating with Kroger recently, and around the time of that merger, it suffered from a data leak. The grocery store chain Kroger is spread out over more than 2,800 separate locations, has over 465,000 employees, and serves millions of customers each year. As a result, many customers had some of their data exposed due to a mistake that was made.

Netskope Modern DLP

"Netskope Modern DLP" sounds good. Description: Hybrid work and the upsurge in cloud adoption demand an updated approach to data protection, one that ensures your sensitive data stays protected anywhere it goes with high precision. Netskope modern data loss prevention (DLP) provides the highest degree of data protection efficacy, powered by machine learning, and is delivered from the cloud across all cloud services, all business communications and everywhere your users are.

NBA Fan Data Was Recently Exposed By a Third-Party Data Breach

The NBA is a national sports league that manages many different leagues under its umbrella of organizations. The league has the NBA 2K League, NBA, Basketball Africa League, the WNBA, and the NBA G League. Each of these different organizations trusts the company with their information, and each one could have been exposed in the recent data leak by the company.