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Operations Management

Use Service Design in Operations Management to Enhance Security

As an IT operations manager, you spend a lot of your time mitigating service outages and service level risks. You worked diligently to get the right people, products, processes, and partners in place to meet your goals. You managed to ensure continued uptime. You’ve reduced the number of tickets and the cost per ticket. And for your efforts, you’re rewarded with managing your company’s cybersecurity program. The problem? You’re not a security specialist.

Splunk Named Market Share Leader in ITOM and SIEM Reports

2020 was a challenging year for modern enterprises. In under a year, we experienced a decade's worth of transformation while a global pandemic raged on. And while the worst of COVID-19 will hopefully soon be behind us, the need to continuously transform our digital environment is unequivocally here to stay. We've already seen an example of this, thanks to a significant increase in data generated from across the business.