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Secure Coding Best Practices & WAAP for Application Hardening (Sanjay - Executive Director, MSCI)

Overview: In this podcast, Sanjay (Executive Director, MSCI) talks to Venky about secure coding best practices & methods to handle customer-sensitive data. He also shares why securing software isn't an accident and requires cautious efforts at an organizational level to make it possible.

Security Obscurity: DNS Tunnelling and CensysGPT

Join Bill Carter and Robin Johns as they talk about the latest and greatest Cybersecurity topics and incidents happening across our digital landscape. In this episode we dive into the concepts and attack vectors of DNS Tunnelling, as well as start exploring the dangerous OSINT tools of Shodan and Censys. Security through obscurity used to be acceptable, but with GPTs and Adversarial GANs appearing - is this still a valid approach?

Keeper 101: Record Types

Keeper’s Record Types feature provides users the ability to create records of various template types, grouped into categories, each containing a unique collection of field types and functionality within the record. Create a New Record & Change Types When you create a new record you will have the option to choose a record “type”. To begin, click Create New, then select a record type from the dropdown menu. Enter a name for the record and click Next. Now you can enter the specific details that apply to this record.

7 Critical Considerations A Security Awareness Training Vendor Should Provide

A security awareness training vendor should provide the necessary tools to turn your users into a human firewall while serving as a foundation for improved security culture and human risk management. Here's what you need to know before you evaluate security awareness training programs.

Random but Memorable - Episode 10.9: Artificial Intelligence Mega Mixtape

In this episode we're bringing you a very special AI Edition of Watchtower Weekly. Tune in as we explain why all the headlines about AI cracking passwords are actually old news. And how AI is making pop fans’ fantasies come true. 🤖🔤🎶 We're also joined by Anna Pobletts for This Week at 1Password, where we unveil “Passage by 1Password” and two exciting new products: Passkey Complete and Passkey Flex. Settle in to find out what these solutions mean for passkeys and the passwordless future.

Webinar - Solving the Secrets Management Puzzle

Secrets sprawl is showing no signs of a slowdown. Last month, we revealed 1 in 10 code authors exposed a secret on GitHub in 2022, collectively leaking 10 million secrets (you read that right, T-E-N) on the platform. This time, we're stepping beyond the data. We went on a (virtual) field trip and asked 500+ CISOs and engineering leaders how they currently deal with hardcoded secrets, how they intend to solve their organization's secrets management puzzle, their top priorities and investment areas in AppSec and Dev tooling, and many other questions!